Peep toe difference between Yoyo and Yoyospina

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  1. #1 Jan 31, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2009
    I've just realised that the peep-toes on my Yoyos and Yoyospinas as different - I thought the styles would be identical except for the metal heel but they're not.
    Observe! I have the Yoyo in 85mm and the Yoyospina in 70mm. The peep-toe opening in the Yoyo (Exhibit A) is larger and cut wider but on the Yoyospina (Exhibit B) the opening is smaller and more circular (actually more comfy). Also, the Yoyo has a more pointed toe at the front whereas the Yoyospina is more rounded.

    BUT I first bought the Yoyospina in the 95mm (I exchanged) and the peep-toe IS identical to the Yoyo! It is larger and cut wider just like the regular Yoyo.
    So it must only be the 70mm Yoyospina that has this smaller peep-toe opening. Has anyone else noticed this? Or are my shoes just a weird anomaly??:shrugs: Or am I just being a big weirdo for even noticing and posting a thread about it?!:shame:

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  2. I'm pretty sure the only real difference is the metal heel.
  3. But the toes ARE different. ???
  4. Hm, I've never seen the 70; maybe it's a flaw?
  5. I can see the difference. The Yoyospina's toe reminds me of the Materna shoe. I actually prefer the Yoyo wider cut peep toe.

    I havent tried on the Yoyospina yet, but have tried on the Materna and I actually still prefer the feel of the Yoyo over the Materna, smaller peep toe as well.
  6. Laureen Mmm, a conundrum! I searched the bay to see if there are any others, and there are 2 Yoyospina listings (leopard patent) that show pictures of them with the lower heel and the smaller peep-toe so maybe it's not just me. Maybe they just designed them that way, thinking a smaller opening looked better with the lower heel. :thinking:
    floridasun8 I actually prefer the smaller opening as it doesn't pull across my toes as much. So I will have to check out those Maternas!;)
  7. Yes, I think they are cut differently.
  8. i think they are cut differently, too, but i bet you are right about the lower heel being the difference....