Peeling Part-Time - Is this normal?

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  1. I have a FB GH Part-Time. Love the bag. However, I have not even carried this bag for 3 weeks and look what is happening on the leather that holds the gold hardware connecting the straps to the bag. Has this happened to anyone else? Is this normal? I am normally not a perfectionist when it comes to bags, but for $1645 plus tax, I don't think it should start to deterioriate this fast. TIA!


  2. I've never had that happen to me..touch wood..but I'd send it back to Balenciaga and ask for a replacement.
  3. I have never had this happen to any of my b-bags either! I got this at Neimans so I will have to make a trip there this weekend. I don't want to get another one if the same thing is going to happen.
  4. I would call them and ask them why they think this would happen? They should replace it.

    good luck
  5. I have never had a bag peel - they should definitely replace it.
  6. Didn't someone else post about a peeling French Blue, like two months ago?????

    Maybe there's a little problem with that leather color.
  7. Yikes... I would definately go talk to them about this...

    You know, I saw a *GORGEOUS* French Blue Day at NM yesterday... but the color on the leather did kind of look like it was "painted on" or not all the way in the leather or something??? I don't know how to describe it... Maybe it is something with that color...
  8. That's absolutely ridiculous for a bag that expensive to be peeling. I don't know what the problem is with the French Blue bags, but it seems that they have a lot of problems with leather quality, poor color saturation, etc., etc.
  9. that's not good!!!! you should bring it back!!
  10. not normal - i really use and abuse my bags and i've never had that problem. must be the color - i'd return it and get another one in a different color :yes:
  11. Hi all, I bought a giant day in the 07 french blue and it is doing the same thing! I have only carried it maybe 4 times and it is peeling and fraying where the handles attach to the bag. That was my first Bbag and I was so bummed. :crybaby:
  12. Thanks everyone - I have not had a chance to read the other threads posted but it looks like this is a common problem.

    There is a thin strip of color that is peeling off the leather - its like a sealant in FB that is not staying sealed. :push:
  13. Wow, that doesn't sound good. Does anyone know if this happens to white part time as well, or is it strictly the blue shade that has been having problems?
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