Peeling paint?

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  1. I just bought a black st Louis pm preowned in great condition with gorgeous customized raspberry and gold stripes. Only thing is the paint is peeling on one part of the stripes. I don't think it's That big of a deal and it's so gorgeous:

    Can the stripe be fixed? If not, i still love it and it's a great deal! Is this the fate of customized pieces? Any advice would be appreciated!
  2. I'm an artist, can I fix it myself? Hmm
  3. I saw this bag and can't recall when Goyard did the fleur de lis motif. If they ever did, then it was long ago. If they didn't then the seller had it done by an artist.

    But yes, the paint can peel with time, nature of the beast I guess.

    If you are able to match the color up exactly and pick the correct type of paint that will adhere well to coated canvas, not sure why you couldn't do this yourself. Keep us posted.
  4. thanks! I just fell in love with the colors..I'd always wanted a customized black st louis pm with raspberry and gold stripes and I saw this and it was just perfect. I'm going to do research on paints for coated canvas and I'm going to fix it myself! I will post before and after shots:smile:
  5. I think Im just going to leave it alone actually..its so so minor and I dont want to ruin it!
  6. So it turns out this is a custom design with 5 stripes and 3 colors plus metallic paint. She said the customization itself was $1200..can that be true? If so I got one heck of a deal!