Peeling on my cognac spy

  1. help me spy girls,

    there has been some peeling on the edges of my cognac fendi spy and I'm worried it would continue. Please help me anyone who has experienced this and what have you done. thanks

  2. Yikes! Scary. Can you post pics?
  3. pics please...I would like to assess the damage...
  4. What do you mean by please. They are known to have colour fading.
  5. Is it the color on the leather that is peeling or is it the leather itself? I know that peeling of the color is common with the spy bags. You can take it back to Fendi. They will repair or replace it.
  6. hi i only figured out how to post pics now.

    I hope you can help me thanks
    03102006061-small.jpg 03102006062-small.jpg 03102006063-small.jpg
  7. Yep. My congnac and hologram spy bags peeled - especially where the coin purse rubs. As many of you probably know I've had lots of issues with the spy bags. I love them, but I'm glad they were gifts. If I'd payed that much of my own money for a shoddily-constructed bag I'd be pitching a wild-eyed fit to Fendi right now.