Peeling on a Montaigne MM ?

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  1. oh yes, so did they grant you a exchange or credit ?
  2. Hmmm it’s been 8 days and they haven’t replied me after the pictures are sent... should I be worried ?
  3. Just an update on the issue. So I went to two stores in total to report the issue because the first store I went to had deplorable service. And this deplorable store had just called me telling me that QC had deemed it wear and tear, however, I clearly remember they didn’t even take down any info on the bag. Not the datecode, not the receipt - nadah. I’m banging on my last hope on the second store...
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  4. Good luck at the next store!
  5. Thanks ! And what’s worse is that when I said I didn’t agree and I wanted to escalate - she said her manager would call back in 5 minutes. And not a sound after the whole day. What a bxxxx!
  6. Just saw this white spot on mine :annoyed:

    I need to take it to the store ... They changed my old Montaigne in January due to melting glazing and now this ... I wore it maybe 5 times, the handles haven't even patinaed ....

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  7. No bueno!
  8. This would likely come out, it's not bubbling or peeling.. Something has dirtied that area so you can wipe clean with a damp cloth. I've had the same type of mark and it came off. Just hold the inside of the bag in that area so you can apply some pressure
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  9. Thanks, I'm relieved ...
  10. and another update on my issue :

    So the other reply from the store with better service came in today but the reply was puzzling ! This time QC said that the bag was not defective and it would be a charged repair. So I told the SA and repair specialist : “ I didn’t mind paying if it makes the problem go away, provided it’s not exorbitant. But what are we repairing ? The bubbling and peeling is all over the bag !"

    So the repair specialist was like “erh let’s raise this up to QC one more time and if they still come back with such replies, we talk to our store manager...”

    And now the wait begins to send a follow-up report, supposedly another 2 weeks...
  11. Just an update on this issue to close it off - for the few who are following this incident.

    All in all, I ran to 4 stores to talk to them. 2 stores blew me off citing wear and tear issue that had caused the peeling but fortunately, I met one good after sales personnel at the third store. She helped me escalate the issue and I got authorised for an exchange. This restored my faith in the brand !
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  12. I’m happy for you! Enjoy your new bag!
  13. thank you :smile: yes I will be !
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  14. Good to know to try multiple stores! I wouldn't have thought of that. Glad you were able to exchange, what did you choose? :smile:
  15. I guess different managers and stores have different ways of handling things so when one store blows you off, it doesn’t mean the rest will too. The CA told me that it will be an “exceptional” exchange so I didn’t want to risk it and chose something relatively safe from the men’s line - the Zack backpack :P
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