Peeling on a Montaigne MM ?

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  1. #1 Dec 3, 2019
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2019
    So I just bought a preloved Montaigne MM. After using it for a few times, I realised that the canvas started to peel and bubble in different places.

    Is this a typical wear and tear of the bag ? Have already brought it to LV and they are getting QC to see if it’s a defect.

    but what say you ?

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  2. Interested in hearing LV's response. What is the date code?
  3. #3 Dec 3, 2019
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2019
    me too. CA2185.

    I have a hard time believe it’s wear and tear actually.

    initially the manager wanted to convince me that it’s wear and tear because it had happened to the four corners. But it had also happened to the places where abrasion isn’t normal (e.g., right smack in the middle of the bag).

    Above all, is this what we are expecting of wear and tear from lv ?
  4. Yikes that does not look good!
  5. Maybe the previous owner coated the bag in something? A conditioner or something to give it some extra protection?
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  6. doubt so. If so, the monogram wouldn’t be rubbed off on the inside.
  7. GAH! Just saw your post after I made my own thread in this topic! I have a BRAND NEW Montaigne BB and I have the dreaded white marks on a few spots! I’m so mad!
  8. actually yours look like marks and not peeling so I won't be that bothered...
  9. Really? Then why can’t I get rid of them? Plus I’ve barely used it so I know it’s not just dirty or rubbing
  10. It’s definitely not wear and tear! Many mono bags produced between 2013-2015 had bubbling and peeling issues. If you do a search you’ll see plenty of posts. Last year I purchased a pre-loved Delightful - totally forgetting about the peeling issue - and sure enough mine started peeling like crazy! I’d wipe it down but the white stuff kept coming back. One SA tried to say it was the wipes that did it but that bag had it before I tried to clean it. Take it into LV- it’s a known issue.
  11. not sure man... but peeling will result in a layer being taken off the canvas, yours don’t seem so ?
  12. already brought it to Lv. They took some pictures and sent it to somewhere (QC?) for inquiry...

    It does look like peeling doesn’t it ?
  13. that's def peeling. not normal and push to have them do something about it. like someone mentioned, it is within that time frame where they had a big recall on their bags.
  14. #14 Dec 3, 2019
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2019
    Yap... waiting for them to get back to me regarding their assessment... fingers crossed! Just hope that they won’t tell me it’s because it’s 4 years old -_-
  15. I had the same issue with my pallas clutch. the print along the corner was peeling but the canvas itself has bubbling. Lv exchanged it the same day i brought it in. Its definitely not a normal wear and tear. Goodluck