Peeling LV Keychain after only 3 1/2 months of use!

Jan 26, 2011
San Francisco, CA
I just realized today that my LV keychain is peeling in the ring area. I only have 1 house key and our building FOB. I think the key and the fob are rubbing against the ring because the peeling area is the size of the key+FOB together. I bought this at the LV boutique in Maui and I think it was a little bit less than $100.

Is it me or should this not happen to an LV key chain after so little time? Do you think LV will let me exchange it? I would rather get the credit for the keychain and pay more to get a damier ebene or azur 4 key holder. The problem is I don't have a receipt. Also I think Maui's LV is on a different computer system. I guess I could call the Maui store to tell them the dilemma first. I am just so mad that a keychain I got mid-September is already peeling! The $7 hello kitty one holds up way better. This is just so annoying as I liked the simplicity of this keychain and liked that it could clip to the D ring in my Speedy and Neverfull.

You can check out the photos attached. Any advice would be appreciated!


Jul 3, 2006
LV keychains are all just coated metal. They all discolor and peel. You can try, but I imagine they may say normal wear and tear. All key cles' I've gotten have chipped and peeled as well. They aren't made like they used to be.


Loves Her Baby Girl!
Apr 14, 2008
IMO, LV is lacking in the hardware department. I have learned to accept the fact that keyrings and hardware on bags are going to discolor after a certain amount of time- I have seen this too many times on this forum. I don't think I've had any problems with my hardware (if so, I haven't noticed it yet) and my bag charm/ key ring looks just fine. I keep it hooked on my bags and carry it all the time. I guess when you actually use them as a key chain, it will wear faster than if you were to clip it to a bag, so maybe that's why mine still looks new?

I hate to admit it, but LV is probably the worst brand for hardware- such a shame considering the price we pay for these things. :rolleyes:
Jan 26, 2011
San Francisco, CA
Good news! I took this to the LV in Bloomingdales and she says I can exchange it. The SA actually said she had this keychain but that hers only tarnished a bit after a few years. She mentioned it must be made differently now. I am going to exchange it for a 4 key holder.

The only problem is that I didn't save the receipt and I need to call the Waliea boutique when they open so I can have them fax or email it to me. Ironically I save all my LV receipts but since I was on vacation this one slipped through the cracks! ugh!

I am so happy though that I can get this all resolved!