peeking my head around the corner to say hello :)

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  1. hi everyone :smile: i'm usually over on the MJ forum....but i pop over here occasionally, though i haven't posted before. anyway, i broke down & went to the hermes boutique in SF yesterday for the first time in a long time, and bought a lovely bangle......and tried on a couple of bags :smile: i thought i wanted (er, coveted from a distance) an evelyne, but i didn't love the way it hung on me. but then i tried on a vespa (i hadn't heard of this style before) in gold with gold HW, and wow! :nuts: it's definitely love. alas, i have a feeling it'll be a while before i'm up to snuff with some of you ladies, but i'm happy to drool over the vespa from a distance for a while.

    i think my husband is really hoping i never meet a kelly in person, since 5 minutes with a vespa had me in serious lust.... :roflmfao:
  2. hmm, maybe it wasn't a vespa? i just looked that up on ebay & came up with a little pouchette thing. the bag i tried was like a leaner version of the evelyne, with a toggle clasp that the SA said was a "signature hermes feature." do i have it right?
  3. Welcome! :yahoo: The Vespa is such a great bag and congrats on your bracelet! And you're right there are 2 different bags named Vespa.
  4. Crochet is right, but the one you tried on in SF was a Vespa too. It has that Palladium toggle closure.

    I have a Vespa myself and while I like these bags a lot and use mine at work I find thetoggle closure to be difficult and because it sits kinda low on the bag, I can't put anything tall inside as it won't close. So, I usually use the bag without closing it.

    The Boyz at LZ have one in Barenia that's adorable!!!!
  5. Hey Shopping Cardio,
    What is that BEAUTIFUL dog in your avatar ??????
  6. Welcome to the dark side!! Hope you stay!
    The Vespa is very cute and practical too! What color would you like?
  7. Glad you came on over to Hermes! Everyone is welcome here for the fun.

    Keep us posted on your next visit.
  8. Welcome to the nut farm!!!
  9. welcome to the H subforum.. and I am guessing that it will not be your last visit at the H store either.. hehehe...
  10. Hello, you realize what you did by crossing the threshold of the store filled with ORANGE??

    A Big WELCOME, to you!!
  11. Welcome to the dark side! The vespa is a really nice bag!!! I seen that one in the SF boutique too.

  12. ^^
    :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Spit some serious lunch on my computer...oops!!! You are hysterical...honest, but hysterical none the less...

    Shopping, welcome!! I have an evelyne (see my avatar) and LOVE it (as everyone here knows). If you get it in a woft leather it really hugs your body nicely. Looking forward to seeing pics of your bracelet...hint, hint..
  13. thanks for the warm welcome!

    shopmom & crochet: thanks for the clarification! shopmom, i hadn't thought of that re: the toggle...good point. it's so gorgeous, though - i loved the way it looked just molded to my body! *sigh* what is LZ?? is it an online source?

    golconda: haha, she's an afghan hound, but i think she looks a lot like a muppet :smile: her name is jezebel...i'll tell her she has an admirer!

    greentea: i fell in love with the color i saw at the boutique. the SA wrote "gold/cognac" on the info sheet she gave me, so i'm not sure if it actually was the gold color or if it was called cognac.

    and everyone else, thanks for being so sweet!!! i knew i was crossing over to the dark side right after i joined tPF, but i think the H subforum might be lethal! :smile:
  14. Hi and welcome! Jemz has a vespa for sale at the moment....
  15. princess: i love your pretty! i'll see what i can do about pics :smile: the camera phone just isn't cutting it today.

    rose: who is jemz????? oh my....