*peeking in LV* Help me find a neverfull!

  1. I have decided I really like the Neverfull. I am not sure what size I want, so I'd like to order the MM and GM and decide between the two. The main thing though, is I want them to be made in France and will need to be able to return the one I decide is the wrong size. I have had bad luck with the USA fabricated LV stuff... and I called LV in Seattle and the SA told me all their stock is USA made.

    Anyone know where I can find two bags made in France somewhere in the USA? If someone can help me, I'll send you chocolate from here: :graucho:

  2. I think the only neverfull that are made in France are the "hands" version sold only at the MOCA. You could either go to the MOCA or buy it on eBay.
  3. I did see one on eBay that was not the MOCA version that was made in France. eBay just makes me nervous with regard to LV though...