Peekaboo Seams - Help Needed

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  1. Hello Lovely Ladies!!

    I have some Peekaboo questions... I think I have finally settled on my "dream bag" after literally years of searching. BUT I'm not sure if it is in production. Is there any way to purchase Selleria Peekaboos without the new inside/out front seams (that are glazed)? I am in love with the Selleria leather, but prefer the (older I think) style with the regular, flat laying seams. The inside out glazed seams make the bag look more boxy and structured, but I have seen pictures where the seams are flat and smooth, thus resulting in the Selleria leather being more slouchy. Does anyone know what I mean? Can they be ordered in this style anymore? Thank you for your time! :heart:
  2. BUMP ~ anyone? I noticed the (seam) style I love typically has a linen vs. leather interior. Anyone know circa what year these were produced? Or does anyone have a new one like this?
  3. Please check with your Fendi boutique as Special/ made to order Selleria peekaboos are possible.