Peekaboo Mini as a daily bag

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  1. So I’ve been on the search for a crossbody/mini bag I can wear anywhere and everywhere, carefree.
    I’ve come to really love the design of Peekaboo and the mini is the perfect size and everything.
    My only question is, is the bag too formal looking to match w everyday, maybe even lazy day outfits? Especially for a 20 year old?
  2. I find the Peekaboo mini to be quite versatile. I’ve been using it for formal, semi-formal, casual and even no-occasion occasions. It has been also serving me well during travels. I’ve seen 20 year olds rocking this bag on totally carefree days as well. That said, it will also depend on how much one carries on a daily basis - i don’t carry much in general so the mini works for me.
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  3. Honestly, if I waited for even semi-formal or no-occasion occasions (love this, @purpleplatinum) to carry my Peekaboos, I wouldn't get enough use out of them. I think the casual, everyday sort of use for this bag is just fine, regardless of your age. (Sadly, I am nowhere near 20 anymore.) Be sure to post pics of what you decide to get!
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  4. I’ve been contemplating a Peekaboo Mini as a daily bag, too, and I think it’s ideal. I love that it’s subtle and elegant enough to dress up, yet it lends an air of sophistication when worn very casually. I consider it timeless, classic and chic. What color are you considering?
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  5. I'm also considering a Peekaboo Mini and think the Selleria leather bags look very versatile and definitely seem appropriate for daily use!
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  6. I have a black mini Peekaboo and I wear it crossbody and I find it looks great with casual or even very casual outfits!
    And to make it looked more dressed up you would just take the strap off and hand carry it ladylike on your arm.

    I think it is very versatile and compliments whatever style you are going for. Like a chameleon :smile:
  7. I just turned 21 and I def don't think the peekaboo is too dressy at all, esp in silver hardware. that said, no matter the hardware, the style is very versatile and suitable as a daily bag!
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