Peekaboo dilemma please help!

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  1. Hi Fendi lovers, I am in need of your advice.

    So I've always loved the peekaboo, but one just has completely caught me off guard and I'm obsessing over it, first of all I HATE snakes and the idea of snakeskin creeped me out so much. But for some reason I just adore this bag! I'll hopefully insert a picture round about here..... ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467128501.880393.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467128566.948879.jpg . The thing that I'm not obsessing over is the price, at £3220 it's WAAAAY more than I considered spending on a seasonal style that's not Chanel, (which tend to hold their value) also although I love it now I'm not sure how I'd feel in 5-10 years time.
    Also I can only buy 1 maybe 2 bags a year at a push.

    It's between this peekaboo a Chanel classic flap black with gold hw, or a boy bag. What do you guys think?
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  2. Hi, .BlueHydrangea.! Apart from choosing the one I love the most: Fendi...:hbeat: I'd go for Fendi's quality. And the Peekaboo is an icon. [​IMG]
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  3. Fendi 100 percent! The one you are holding is beautiful!!
  4. I suggest the Chanel Classic Flap. Although I like the Fendi, the Chanel Classic Flap is rare in some countries now as Chanel is trying to reduce it's availability, and there are wait lists for it, too. I suggest getting your hands on one while you can!
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  5. I would said Chanel classic flap...for Fendi, I love their quality and the fun design. Maybe you could find a cheaper design later on
  6. That's a good point. There are other options for the Peekaboo, but the Chanel Classic Flap entry model is this particular one; it doesn't come any cheaper.
  7. Thank you for clarification. I meant the peekaboo for a cheaper version. I know the model starts at $4300+ in Cad. It is very nice and only difference it's the lining
  8. Thank you for your reply. I was really impressed with the quality of the bag it was impeccably made.

    Thanks for your reply. It really is, its so unique.

    Wow thank you for the information, I wasn't aware of that. Thats really good to know. It maybe best to complete my chanel collection before going for the fend. I'm now actually considering the reissue 226 as its a better size for me than the cf m/l. I wonder if they'll make the reissues harder to get hold of... Thanks for the advice :smile:

    Thank you thats true, I just can't get past the price point of that particular bag, and because chanel are always increasing their prices I think you're right, it would be best to continue down the Chanel route and find a different peekaboo in the future. Thanks for the help
  9. First of all, which do you prefer? A handheld tote? Or a flap bag? Capacity? I have the peekaboo and jumbo and I personally prefer handheld bags especially with the handles standing upright. Fendi has Python interior that's why it's £3220, regular ones are £2480 which is a lot lower. Chanel ML can't fit in a lot whereas peekaboo are more flexible in capacity. You see Chanel classic flap everywhere but peekaboo are much rare. Buy the one you feel comfortable wearing it, not because it's CHANEL.
  10. Honestly, I love that Peekaboo. The python makes the monster face look even scarier than the standard ones with yellow eyes. If you're looking for something that'll hold its value though, go with a Chanel.
  11. Thank you so much for the advice. The points you make are really helpful. You're totally right it is down to what you feel comfortable wearing. My only other high end bag is a black lamb jumbo and an LV alma bb (Which i intend to sell) and as much as I adore my jumbo, it's not practical, especially being lambskin.

    I may look into the plain black peekaboo which is cheaper, like you said. But you know when you see something and you can't "un-see" it!!!! I never expected to like a red, let alone snakeskin bag. I'm still trying to decide whether I should go for it or not.
    I'm also considering a reissue but I think it would be preloved. Or just say screw it, and save towards a Birkin or Kelly! Haha!

    How do you find your peekaboo? I love the structured shape but I have seen some preloved which have slouched significantly and I love the structured look.
  12. The Peekaboo is very special and funky. Although the Peekaboo is timeless, I am not sure how timeless this design will be. So Chanel would be the safer among the two. :smile:

    Good luck!
  13. I'm very particular and OCD over my bags, I keep my bags in proper storage to keep its shape in best condition and never overload my bags.The newer version peekaboo is more structured compared to the older ones, having said that if you abused your bag or overstuffed it, the sides will still go out of shape. If you use the bag reasonably, i don't think the sides will flop like other double top handles bags which put pressure on the bag because the construction of a peekaboo where the handles are support in the middle divider area. I suggest to hang the peekaboo when not in use so it leaves minimal pressure on the sides.

    As for a Birkin/Kelly, how easy for you to acquire one? If it's easy as a peanut then go for it i. If it not I suggest you get other nicer bags first.
  14. The fendi is very very gorgeous! That red/python is very very nice. Not that many people have it, while everybody holds a chanel (no offense to chanelians, i own one too). Even if you buy chanel, you might still thinking about this fendi. I think you can use this fendi more often because if the size. Chanel boy and m/l space is small, you can only wear it when hanging out or in special occassions, unless you carry little anyway. Yeahh it is pricey. Thats always the issue with luxury goods :smile: make you want it more
  15. +1
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