Peeka Boo Mini & the Plus Size Woman

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I stand 6ft tall without heels and wear a size 16 US/18-20 UK. Considering a peeka boo mini and was wondering if any plus size woman can share mod shots of their peeka boo mini please? There isn't a Fendi store in Ireland and I'm thus going to have to resort to a 'blind' (hoping to make it an informed decision on this one) buy online. :smile:

    Thanks in advance,
  2. I think if you are into small bags, you might find it really cute regardless of how tall or curvy you are. You can also do a cardboard cutout in the specified dimensions and see how you like the sizeon you.

    Sorry if this is not much of help but to give you some ideas: I am 5ft, medium slim build. I have a small Chanel Gabrielle hobo bag and do find the Gabrielle very similar size wise to the mini peekaboo. I also have a friend who’s about 5ft 5 and similar build as me but does find the size a little small for her style.

    Sometimes it’s really hard to tell if a bag will suit you or not until you have tried it on in person. I would also advise that you purchase a bag from where you can return the bag if the size or style does not work. Good luck!

  3. Thank you so much!
    The cardboard cutout is a great idea!
    Cheers xx
  4. I can’t post a photo I’m afraid but I really wouldn’t worry it won’t look good on you! Don’t agonise - you look gorgeous in your picture. Size and height wise I think I’m about halfway in between you and Fish. I sometimes avoid small accessories but the Peekaboo mini is not really tiny. I have one and I love it, it’s a question of adjusting the strap and deciding where you want the bag to sit for most flattering effect. It’s small enough you could wear slightly in front of or behind your body which avoids adding hip width if like me you are hourglass shape that you don’t want to exaggerate! It’s a good bag because it’s a sleek design, especially in the smooth leathers. Good idea about the cardboard but try to make it 3D if you can. Hope you get one and enjoy it!
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  5. Thank you very much :smile:
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