1. Just wanted to say HI to you all... :upsidedown:

    Been super busy with house buying and the planning of our move. We close on March 30th and then the fun begins ... :noggin::wacko:

    I also have to tell you all that I dreamt a couple nights ago that we moved into the new house and I discovered that the previous owner had left a Birkin in the closet. In the dream, Mr Roo insisted that we return it to them... what is funny is that my hubby said I woke him up while having this dream because I said, apparently, quite lucidly "are you f----ing kidding me?" He then woke me up and I told him about the dream and we laughed. :roflmfao:

    Hope you are all having fun in *H*-land :heart:
  2. Lovely dream, wish that would actually happen:nuts: I wish you nerves with the moving!
  3. Hi Roo! Good luck with the move. Dreaming about Birkins.....must be one coming your way soon.
  4. Roo, your dream made me :lol: ! Hope you have a smooth move (that sounds very Nintendo! LOL!!!) and I hope your Birkin is in the very near future!!!:graucho:
  5. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Hello Roo!! That is "so FUNNY"....too bad your DH didn't continue the conversation. My DH talks in his sleep when he is really tired and I continue the conversation...It's so funny!
  6. LMAO at "are you F---- kidding me?" That's awesome.
  7. such a great story! omg. good luck with your move.
  8. That's a great dream!!!....was it your dream Birkin too?...Hope your move goes smoothly!
  9. Good luck with your move. It's an exciting time. Enjoy! Your dream is too funny!
  10. HI ROO!!!!! LMAO at your dream........so funny!!!!!!
  11. Too funny...had to "read" your dream to my own DH...we both had a laugh...
  12. Roo...congratulations on the new home and good luck with the move! In regards to your dream, first I would :noggin: and then say "are you :censor: kidding me?" LOL. That was a funny one!
  13. Fantastic Dream. Congrats on your new home.
  14. Hi Roo! What a great dream! Sooo funny! Congrats on the house!!
  15. LoL What colour was the Birkin? Was it croc? LoL I have those kinds of dreams too!! :push: