Peek Toes - How do you wear them?

  1. Ladies - help me out here. I have seen a lot of really cute peek toe heels come through at my job at Neiman Marcus so I broke down and got me a pair.

    I wore them (or at least tried to) yesterday but there was just no way I coould manage it. I have been wearing pointy toe 4+" stilettos for years so I thought I had a pretty good tolerance for "high heel discomfort" but I tell you I could not even make it to break time in these heels.

    My toes are always wanting to push through the opening and it just hurts something awful when they get stuck in there! Am I doing something wrong?

    Anyway - most peek toes look like the front of the shoe is missing to me - so I guess I'll just go back to my trusty pointies! ... at least for now.

  2. My peep toes don't hurt or fit any differently than my closed-toe pumps.

    Try a different brand or size.
  3. I wonder if you bought them too small--sometimes I go up 1/2 size in that particular style, also, some people have really long toes, and they just tend to stick out of the hole. I have shorter toes, so this doesn't happen to me, but I have had peep toes that were hard across the opening and hurt the top of my toe.
  4. I feel your pain. I have two pr that are driving me nuts for the same reason.
    I have tried everything. Its a matter of putting something on the bottom of the shoe so your foot doesnt slide.
    I have put insoles in and cut them just before the toe so that its not so tight.
    so far so good but then again i'm not wearing them for hours at a time.