Peek a boo...

  1. Lily is such a clown. She will rest her head on the back of the lap top and just stare at me!! I swear she just looked at me just now like...hey whats up mom!! So cute.
    pics 712.jpg
  2. :nuts: Hellurrrrrr Lily!
  3. LOL! That's so cute!
  4. Cutest thing ever! Love your avatar photo of her too. My Golden is getting one of those exact toys from Santa! lol
  5. SOOOO CUTE:heart:
  6. How cute! :love:
  7. Ohhh that is adorable!
  8. aww hehehe Lily is such a doll!
  9. Awwww Lily!
  10. Ha Ha! It's like she's spying on you!;)
  11. Hi, Lily! At least she doesn't rest her chin on the keyboard like my Boxer does. It really messes up whatever I'm doing when his heavy head hits the keyboard.
  12. Sooo cute!!!!!!!