Pee, poo handbag charms?

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  1. I've just got back from a trip to Scotland, where I bought a great Mulberry handbag charm. I then decided to check out eBay, and see if THEY had handbag charms. My Mulberry charm cost £59.99, which is around $100 from Fraser's department store in Glasgow. Anyway, loads of handbag charms came up. However I was quite revolted by one of them - a handbag charm called 'Pee, Poo, etc....' The charm features (seriously) a pile of crap, a toilet roll and one or two things I couldn't quite make out. Honestly who on earth would want to display those items on their handbag? Ugh! Have YOU seen any disgusting handbag charms, or have I just been leading a sheltered life?
  2. *lmao* never heard of such a thing, can't imagine who would want those...but the fact that they exist makes me laugh''s a strange world we live in
  3. I was just browsing and found this thread!

    OMG - LMAO as well, even though they do sound pretty uncouth. I'm ashamed to admit it, but these sound like something my teenaged sons would have designed!
  4. Im pretty sure you can get plush dolls of those little characters aswell. Its kind of weird - not really something i would choose to own x
  5. ugh :sick: definitely not chic!
  6. It can hardly be called a "charm"; there is nothing charming about it! :throwup:
  7. Really not for me...but it looks like something I would run across in a manga cartoon or something
  8. That's the exact same disgusting thing, Missus B! I couldn't believe my eyes. I was having a cup of tea as I was googling handbag charms, and was glad I just hadnt eaten a heavy meal. Vile!
  9. Maybe it's something to do with South Park. Prob not though. South Park is funny.
  10. Reminds me of the pooping cow key chain, I thought that was actually funny but a pile of poo is just gross.
  11. Sounds like they were made for my fiance!
  12. I love the pee, poo, and tp combo!
  13. :throwup:
  14. I almost don't even know what to think when I look at that! it is kind of funny....and kind of gross!