Pedigree Jumbone anyone?

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  1. So I picked up a pack of the Pedigree Jumbone for my little Bindi (4mth boxer pup) figuring it would be something to keep her occupied for a good amount of time. It's like 6 inches (or 4 something like that, anyways) and pretty thick. Meanwhile she loved it and ate it up in a matter of 15 minutes so there goes the idea of keeping her entertained for at least a half hour. I thought maybe it was too small but the package said for dogs under 50lbs.

    Anyways, can anyone recommend some other kind of bone filled chew that you think may last a bit longer than 15 minutes? I'm also thinking I should just get her the monster Jumbone that's like a foot long (alright I'm exaggerating a bit). But any other brands, I'm open to. TIA! :yes:
  2. Have you thought of getting the Galileo bone? It breaks up in order to pass through their digestive system.

    I stick with mainly compressed bones. They last a good amount of time and offer a variety of fillings.

    Nylabone and Kong are also great.
  3. She has a Kong but doesn't show as much interest as I hoped she would. I put peanut butter in it but she gobbles that up pretty fast too.

    I'm going to look into the Galileo bone, I just wanted to give her something she can eat like as a treat then Nylabone. She's not really like a chewer, she wants to eat more. LOL.
  4. I finally found a link online for the bones with the filling. It sounds like these would be perfect for you.

    I get the plain ones and all three of my boys love them. They last an appropriate amount of time in my house. I haven't tried the flavored ones because I am afraid all hell will break loose over them. :boxing:
  5. Have you tried pigs knuckles, or pigs ears? I have 2 boxers and they love those. But I do have to say that there is not much that lasts them other than raw hides(which gives them pretty bad gas) or the Galileo bone.

    careful of the bones with the filling, they do stain carpets!!!
  6. Well bully sticks last a long time. An uncut one is 36" long, you can get them any length shorter than that. Dogs adore them but they are usually a little stinky as they are dried steer or bull penises. They last much longer than pig ears. If bully sticks are too much to deal with, cow ears last longer than pig ears and are much less greasy. My dogs used to finish one off in about half an hour so there weren't nasty bits of chews laying around. It has been a while, 6 inches of bully stick lasts about 45 minutes with my medium sized dogs. I started off using compressed rawhide but old dog just guarded them and nobody got any chewing in after young dog joined the family! I would buy the largest one as Sassy would swallow the end bit, I figured I would only be throwing out fewer ends if I bought the largest I could find. I can let the dogs finish ears but bully sticks are thrown out as soon as they fit in the mouth. Hooves are tasty but extremely stinky and VERY uncomfortable if you step on them with bare feet! Once Sassy got a horse hoof trimming, she liked it a whole bunch. I have found with MY dogs a RARE cooked rib bone is chewed up and not broken into chunks and swallowed so those are safe. A fully cooked rib bone where the meat has completely fallen off is not safe for my two dogs.

    I know way too much about dog chews.
  7. Oh, I forgot about the pig leg. Once I bought pig feet. Dogs were in total heaven. It is the hoof, foot and lower bit complete with skin, tendons, muscles. I needed to watch carefully so bits larger than a marble or so didn't get swallowed. That goes for any chew. You really don't want to let your pet chew unattended as they will swallow anything small enough to go down the throat. And that may be too large to be comfortable lower down the passage way! I am more comfortable with natural chewies, the greenies and other manmade chews break into chunks with my dogs.
  8. :wtf: :confused1:

    Sorry. :angel:

  9. LOL! My reaction as doesn't really look like a dog bone. :sweatdrop:

    I give my baby the regular small doggie bones, the inside is lined with meat and they are hard to chew through so she sometimes takes hours to get to the meat. It's fun when the cat steals the bone, which he ALWAYS does when the bone has been chewed thoroughly and mushy, so that occupies my dog even more. :roflmfao:

  10. Oh my!:Push: I didn't even notice that.... :shame:
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