1. I just got my very first pedicure!

    I had always considered it a matter of pride that I had NEVER had a manicure or a pedicure -- but -- life's short -- decided I wanted to try it (my son is graduating from college this weekend).

    Was a nice treat. I have never used anything but clear polish and went for a rosey-mauve shade -- so NOT me -- but I am trying it --I think I could grow to like it!

    I feel like I should say thanks to all of you on the PF -- I have tried several new things in the past few months --purses, sunglasses, gloss and eyeliner, green tea--

    Anyone else get pedicures or manicures?
  2. oh yes!! Be careful, indulgences can be addictive!
    Glad you did it, we ALL deserve some pampering!
  3. Once a week!
  4. I get em once a month =D
  5. Pedicure once a month, manicure once a week - look forward to both!!
  6. All the time!
    Glad you enjoyed your first pedicure, its nice to pamper yourself!
  7. luv 'em! in fact, just got back from one! french pedi for me today..
  8. I try to get manicures every 2-3 wks depending and pedicures once a month on cold months. When it gets warmer, where I can start wearing sandals/thongs etc....pedicures every 2-3 weeks, LOVE them...especially the massage part!
    Congrats on your FIRST pedicure, they're addicting!...and congrats on your son's graduation!
  9. it depends on u ... i get manicure and pedicure at the same time once a month .. SOMETIMES semi-monthly ..
  10. Thanks all for sharing and for the good wishes! PF is such a lovely place to be!
  11. I love getting pedicures! I probably will never get a manicure b/c I'm so picky with having my nails super duper short anyways.
  12. I Love pedicures Deborahsue!! I don't get them all the time, but as a special treat sever times a year:smile:
  13. they are so cheap in NYC- $20 for a Mani AND Pedi!!
  14. I get them in China...about once a week. It cost $4 for a french manicure and pedicure combined! It is a lot easier to do it often when you don't have to shell out the big bucks!!!!
  15. DeborahSue,
    Congratulations on your son's college graduation!

    Pedicures are great! :smile: