Pedicure options after toenail removal

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  1. Sorry if this is kind of a gross question but my doctor told me I should have my big toe nail removed because of a fungus problem that isn't clearing up. Anybody ever have this problem and can I still get a pedicure or get a fake nail?

  2. I had my big toenail removed a few years ago in the middle of summer and just wore a bandaid around the toe to hide it until it was closed shoe season again.

    never occurred to me to get a fake nail, I would assume you have to wait a bit until you have some sort of base to attach the fake nail to, right?
  3. I think I'd get a second opinion before agreeing to have a toenail removed.

    Stupid question, will it grow back?
  4. my mom thought she was going to have to have her toenail removed, due to fungus. She got a 2nd opinion and that doctor recommended Lamasil, her fungus cleared up in about 8 months.

    I'd go against getting a fake toenail, that could only lead to further complications.
  5. It's fine if you don't have one, I've given pedicures to many ladies who had toenails removed. Sometimes we will polish the skin (if they ask) but otherwise we polish every other nail except that one, obviously, since it's not there heh. Also I wouldn't advise getting a pedicure anytime soon after the removal, wait a month at least to be safe that there's no openings!!
  6. Definitely get 2nd opinion.

    Lamisil works but more than half the people just have the fungus come back. That's what happened to me.

    I believe there is a laser treatment now but not all doctors have it.

    good luck.
  7. do you think you got your toenail fungus from the pedicures? i always worry how clean those nail places are.
  8. If you do end up getting it removed, I wouldn't even worry about how good your toes are looking! I lost my big toe nail after a season of soccer a couple of years ago and was so self-conscious about the way it looked at first. Just leave it, paint the other toes, and let that nail grown back healthily! It will grow back to be a fresh, strong, perfect nail.

    My recommendation, though, is to purchase Tea Tree Oil and apply a few drops onto the skin (where the nail is missing) every day. Even when the nail starts growing back, apply the Tea Tree Oil. This really helped my nail grow back (faster, I think?) healthy. I did find the skin would get very dry and peel, but it is only because it is skin that has never really been fully exposed. Just keep it clean, healthy and do not even worry about that this toe looks like until it has grown back! I wouldn't even bother with a fake nail or covering it with polish - I feel like either of the two would inhibit the nail from growing back its healthiest!
  9. I'd NOT suggest a fake nail, just go with a band-aid, don't want to disturb an area that's healing!

    I've had plenty of issues with ingrown big toe nails, so I know the agony. I've had my nail removed before and it grew back, just took time and patience.
  10. Thank you for all the suggestions. The doctor was telling me that once the nail was removed, he advised making it to where the nail couldn't grow back because the fungus might come back. That might be a little extreme. I'll try some of these other options first.
  11. What!? He is going to make it, so your toe nail won't grow back at all:nuts:
    Get some second opinions please! That sounds really radical to me!
  12. whoa..what OP? get a 2nd opinion
  13. Wow! I would def get a 2nd opinion! It'd be so weird not having a toenail forever. But after you are sure the fungus is gone 100%, I personally would get a fake nail just to guide the toenail out correctly. Usually when you lose a big toenail, you'll end up with an ingrown and one solution is to have a nail tech put on a fake to guide the toenail in the right direction if that makes sense.
  14. I see no reason why you should lose a toenail forever. You'd be better off just having the fungus than no toenail at all.

    Get 2nd opinion and maybe look into the new laser treatment?

    Or you could try Lamisil first. It will take about a year before the new nail will grow in and as mentioned before, while it works initially for most people, the fungus eventually comes back for more than half (I think nearly 80% or something).
  15. When I was little, like maybe 12, I had an ingrown toenail 4 times. The doctor would always take only a part of my big toenail off and after the third time he said he was going to make it so it didn't grow back...but it did! I'm glad too cause I haven't had an ingrown toenail since so I think 4 times was a charm for me ;)