Pedicure Booties

  1. What Will They Think Of Next: Pedicure-Friendly Boots
    Sure, it's cold out, but getting a pedicure is still a great way to pamper yourself. If your toes are freezing in flip-flops and you're sick of smudging your fresh polish while putting on socks, you aren't alone. Bootie Pies (Pedicure Boots for Posh Toes), are Ugg-like winter boots made of suede with a warm lining and fold back patent leather toe to let your nails dry while keeping your feet toasty. The boots come in five different colors, including this coconut creme and are sold exclusively at for $128 a pair. Seems a bit much to us, but for the pampered footsie, why not?

    I'm not a fan, How about you ?
  2. In my world...filp flops work best for pedicure days! I am not liking these!!!
  3. How does one get one's feet through the top part without smudging? Personally, I can sacrifice the extra time to wait for things to dry in the winter!
  4. ewwww :throwup: those are ummm special?
  5. Huh????
  6. LOL! yeah....those are gross.

  7. OMGosh, that's exactly what I was thinking.
  8. firstly, they look like uggs (i.e. eww), and a removable toe flap? You must be kidding.
  9. I don't think i'll be buying those anytime soon!! :biggrin: :p

  10. I presume you paint your toes/have your toes painted whilst wearing them?

    I will buck the apparent tide, by saying that I think it's quite a clever idea! :idea:

    Not sure if I'd want to be seen in public in them, particularly with my toes out! :lol: But if it's just a case of dashing (who am I kidding? Hobbling, with one's toes lifted and separated, more likely! LOL!) from the salon to the car, or from home to the car, then why not? :shrugs:

    I love ugg boots. :heart: :heart: :heart: I think their clumpiness is cute (kind of like puppy, or bear cub feet!) and they often seem to make the girl wearing them look pretty and feminine in contrast, whereas, if one's whole outfit is pretty, the beauty of the wearer can be lost in the overwhelming prettiness, IMO.

    So, their resemblance to uggs doesn't bother me (although I wish they looked better quality) and it's waaaaay too cold for flip flops here, in the winter!

    Incidentally, I also like flip-flops, but when did we decide that molded rubber thongs were attractive, anyway? :blink: I think they're just more familiar-looking to most people than uggs are.

    We put up with all sorts of questionable looking items, just because they're practical and we're used to them.

    At the end of the day, in the case of good design, form follows function and uggs are a perfect example of this rule.

    Give it 20 years and I bet nobody will give ugg boots a second glance; just as they don't flip-flops. :biggrin:
  11. Just had another look on the bootie pie (hehe! Love the name!) website and found this:

    Using Bootie Pies

    Wear bootie pies like a regular pair of boots to the nail salon. Have your toes rubbed and scrubbed. Before you have your toes polished, press the front flap down and slide your foot into the boot-with toes resting ON TOP of the flap. Now get your toes polished and be on your way!


  12. Lol!