Pedicure and closed-toe shoes?

  1. I just got a pretty pedicure yesterday. However, I also just bought a great pair of pumps which I am dying to break in but I don't want to wreck my pedi so soon! How do you gals maintain your pedis while wearing closed-toe shoes? :confused1: I'd like to prolong my pedi as long as possible but I hate wearing nylons/socks with my pumps/shoes; is that the only way to save a good pedi? My feet like to breathe:roflmfao:. In fact, I'm always kicking off my shoes under my desk at work. I'm weird that way...

    Any advice please?
  2. I think if you give your pedi sufficient time to dry, closed toe shoes shouldn't be a problem! I usually wait a day.
  3. It also depends on how thick the nail polish was, when it was applied. I've waited more than a day and my polish still got 'dented'... I hate when that happens. Does this happen to anyone else?
  4. I don't wear closed toe shoes the same day as the pedi, but otherwise I don't have a problem. However, I keep my toenails sort of short. I notice some ladies keep them longer but I can't stand that. They feel all jammed up and break.
  5. I went to get a pedicure on Friday, and after about two hours of wearing flip flops, I was able to wear pumps without damaging the paint on my toes.
  6. I usually wait a day and have had no problem.
  7. As long as my toes are completely dry I have no problems wearing closed toed shoes and not ruining my pedicure.
  8. I got solar nails on both my hands and feet since I kept wrecking my pedis!
  9. sphere99, what's solar nails?
  10. Depending on how thick the paint is, that will determine if I wear closed-toe shoes or not. I had a pretty pedi once and I wear my pumps to go clubbin and the paint got smuged due to the thick layer of paint. So my advice is, don't wear it!
  11. yeah i've never had a problem after a day or two
  12. I never had a problem with Opi products. Once the colour is dry (it takes - according to my pedicure up to 2 hrs to get it completely dry) there's no problem in wearing any kind of shoes (I cannot wear sandals for work, so...)
    My colour last up to 3 weeks so I don't need to retouch it between appointments... but again, Opi is the only line that does wonders for me!!!
  13. thanks for the tip! :heart:
  14. Make sure you use the drying spray on your nails when you're done getting them done at the salon, as well as the heating lamp. That should do it.
  15. My salon no longer has the drying spray so I make sure to go in the mornings now, that way it gives my pedi sufficient time to dry. I also like going in the mornings since I'm the first one to use the tubs. I noticed they stick the next client right in after the first, and that skeeved me out a bit. I used to go at night right before closing but the mornings are much better for me :0)

    I also agree with those who said the thicker the polish, the longer it will take to dry.