Pedi Paws?

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  1. I usually don't take interest in infomercials but I've seen this a few times and I'm somewhat interested.

    Has anyone used this? How is it? My SO clips our dog's nails and I always shudder because he clearly doesn't like it.

    This might be a cool solution if it works and isn't cheaply made.
  2. I bought the Peticure (just like the Pedi Paw) for my Chi. He hates getting his nails cut and bites the Veterinarian when I bring him to get them cut. I tried using the Peticure on him and he didn't like that either. It's not a loud machine, but it was loud enough to scare him and make him run from me. This kind of machine didn't work for me but it would've been great if it did.
  3. My dog hates having her nails clipped. When she was a puppy, my friend clipped her nails and it started bleeding, she's been traumatized since. Only the groomer clips her nails, I'm too chicken.
  4. I had seen a commercial for this the other day and was thinking about it as well. My dog usually gets her nails trimmed when she goes to the groomer, but sometimes we need to trim her nails between visits to the groomer and she hates it.
  5. haha...i just posted this in another looks cheap but maybe it works??
  6. It does work, we put it all over the places of cat scratches, and she just hate it!!
    she meow of hate hehehe. I totally recommend it.
  7. this is like the one peticure... ummm im also wondering if it works or not...
    my bfs begging me to get one for my doggies
  8. Any new reviews?
  9. I just purchased one. I do not like to use as a replacement to clipping my pup's nails. I use it as a trimmer, if it makes sense. I clip the nails and work slowly with pedi-paws to trim it.

    Now.... the bad...... The friction between the nails and the sand paper like texture create unpleasant smell if you use it for too long. If I just turn it on without sanding nail, no smell.... so ya... I think the smell comes from the friction.

    I only did front paws nails last week. Will do the rest this coming weekend. I will update this review if I find something new.
  10. a friend of a friend bought this and she really likes it. she even used it on her dog when we were at their house a couple weeks ago.

    her dog wouldn't sit perfectly still but with all the extra people around i wasn't surprised that the dog wasn't in the mood to have his nails trimmed!
  11. I have my Pedi Paws for free. It works pretty well for smaller animals but I would not recommend it for big breeds of dogs.