Pebbly like leather quality--- is this common on a balenciaga?

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  1. Pebbly like leather quality--- is this common on a balenciaga?

    I know you mostly see the veiny type of leather on a balenciaga.

    However.... can you often see pebbly like type of leather? or are these VERY rare?
    I saw a pebbly leather the other day, but just wondering on how they wear eventually.

    The leather was way thicker on pebbly leather but does it eventually become veiny ??
  2. Does anyone know about pebbly like leather???
  3. I am not sure what you mean by pebbly. Some earlier moto bags like in 2002 had pebbled leather, but there haven't been anymore since -- at least to my knowledge. Are you referring to the wrinkled nature of the bag?
  4. I have two 2010 Balenciagas with leather that I would described more as pebbled than distressed. I don't think it would become veiny over time but it would probably develop some distressing as the leather breaks in.
  5. I agree with saira. Is this what you mean, OP, with the early bags? Real Deal Collection had pebbled leather in Burgundy a while back, which was definitely pebbly and much thicker and possibly stiffer than the Chevre and Agneau that is around now.