Pebbled vs Glovetanned Duffle?

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  1. Does anyone have feedback on the full size glovetanned duffle? I love the Hunter Green but I really love the smoosh of the pebbled leather. None of the current colors of pebbled work for me though. I have lots of glovetanned and I know it wears beautifully but this bag seems to call for the pebbled. I'd love any feedback on wear of the glovetanned!
  2. I think I prefer the pebbled because of the smooshy and because it hides flaws better. I have the full size pebbled, but only the 20 in smooth. Here is 20 pebbled vs 20 smooth. Smooth has an amazing feel to the leather and can get slouchy, just not like the pebbled.

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  3. Completely agree. While the smooth leather used on this latest round of originals is buttery to the touch, I personally prefer the pebbled. I'm easy with my bags but I don't like to have to think about it. I purchased one of the Willis bags & find myself checking for scuffs if I even brush up against something unexpectedly. The 1941 pebbled leather (most of it) is so smooshy I find myself touching my bag all the time. It's pretty care free & luxe.
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  4. I have the pebbled in oxblood and am waiting on my saddle smooth duffle. I think the smooth in saddle will look great as it breaks in and gets distressed. Not sure I’d feel the same way about any other colour...I have no intention of babying it at all.