Pebbled Sienna defect?

  1. Has anyone else noticed that the heavily pebbled siennas seem to have issues with the whipstitching? I ordered one a while back from Bluefly and returned it because the whipstitching seemed to be coming undone or seperating. I was not sure if it was suppose to look that way but I did not care for it.
    Now when I see the bag available on eBay they all seem to have the same problem. What is up with that?:confused1:
  2. I hadn't noticed any correlation between the pebbled Siennas and whipstitching issues, but several of us have noticed issues with the heavily pebbled Siennas and oxidation on the brass plates of the bag - at least on the bourbon ones.

    I'll definitely be keeping an eye our for that! It's as though they just had a 'run' of certain those whose dye fastness has been proven less than stellar (slate bags from a season or so ago). :girlsigh:
  3. I had noticed that oxidation issue also. I did not know it was predominant on the Bourbon color. I really wanted that bag but I thought the quality control was a little relaxed.
  4. I absolutely agree about the correlation of the bad whipstitching and the heavily pebbled Siennas. No thanks. I bought a raisin one and as much as I loved her (I parted ways with her recently on eBay), had to spend many many nights with clear cement glue and an orangewood stick fixing all of the whipstitching problems. And I mean "all" the problems - if there are a total of 100 whipstitches on that bag, 75 were messed up.

    My other Siennas which are are all vintage or from the Cruise Collection with the smooooth leather have absolutely perfect stitches even after all this time. One of my favorite all time bags. The heavily pebbled Siennas were just not my cup of tea. I think Quality Control was on vacation when those were all made.
  5. It looked to me like they used leather with glued backing that all fell apart. I used to work with leather when I was very young and I always made my ties with solid leather strips. Those never seperated on me. I am not sure what they were thinking with that bag.
  6. Wow! I just checked my flower embossed Sienna that I've had for a year now, and every stitch is perfecto! It doesn't look like anything will be happening any time soon, either. I'd be really upset with Kooba if that ever happened to me!
  7. I love the teddie in the big pot. Cats are so much fun.
  8. Ha, Ha! Thanks!! We have two cats, but this one is my gardner because he prunes all my house plants, he is my private investigator because he likes to search all the corners of the house for clues, and he's my big game gecko hunter. Sorry that your whipstitching had defects, and I would have returned it, too!