Pebbled leathers in blues and greens -- do they hold up?

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  1. Hi board! I am eyeballing some of these beautiful pebbled leathers on internet resellers. Dusty mint, many shades of vivid blues. How do they hold up over time? Are there fading issues? Do you have any experience with the leather texture?

    Particular models are the Little Minka and the Cobble HIll Gabriele. Both pretty bags but I know Balenciagas fade badly, just a factor of leather and Southern sunshine.

    Thank you in advance! :smile:
  2. I have a Little Minka in Dusty Emerald (gorgeous color btw!) that I've had for almost two years and I've had no problems. Color still looks as beautiful as the day I bought her. Now granted I haven't carried nonstop for two years, but she has had her fair share of use. Also, I keep her in the dustbag when not using and obviously don't leave her sitting in the sun and heat for extended periods of time (and it's hot where I live). I don't baby her, but take care of her. I wouldn't hesitate at all getting a Little Minka. I actually wish they were still made. I might have gotten another one.

    Oh and every so often I will condition the leather & spray with a rain/stain spray guard.