Pebbled leather?

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  1. [​IMG]

    I want to get this b/c I am dying for a shoulder bag/hobo. All the bags I have been getting are handbags.

    My question is if pebbled leather holds up well in terms of wear and is it easy to care for? Scratch easily?
  2. In my experience, pebbled leather holds up really well.
  3. they're pretty good..if it isn't white or light color

    because you can't clean em' and you can't moisturize em'
  4. I have the pebbled leather turnlock (dark brown with a gorgeous purple lining!) and it's holding up very well!
  5. I have this purse in white and's great you just carry it and no worries...if it gets dirty you just wash it off with water..if it rains you are okay and the purse is just the perfect size and style for will love it.
  6. That's really great! So would I be able to wear this in snow?
  7. ^^snow yes and rain. Just don't apply conditioner to it the pebble will get ruined. The pebble is not treated leather. This bag is yummy.
  8. I have a pebbled leather chelsea bag (not sure of the style) from 2005 and it is by far the easiest/worry-free bag I have. Now I have a black one with tan accents, but it's held up amazingly well - no scratches, I can take it out in any weather and it's fine and it looks as good now as it did when I first got it. I love the tote you're looking at and think it will hold up great!
  9. I have a pebble leather bag in black, and it looks brand new. I even use it in the rain (it's my rainy day bag). I think they are VERY EASY to care for!!!!:yes:
  10. I have a small black pebbled leather hobo bag with the turnlock closure and it is almost worry free. I've got caught in the rain with it a few times and after wiping it off, it still looks great.
  11. Thanks guys, I might get it this weekend. I'm definitely going to coach to check it out first to make sure but I'll keep you guys updated
  12. Pebbled leather is the BEST!! Go for it :smile: