Pebbled leather??

  1. Just curious, I saw a couple threads about pebbled leather on bags listed on Ebay. I was wondering, since when it comes to Balenciaga I'm still wet behind the ears. What year/s had the pebbled leather? And in what styles? I think it looked great!


  2. late 01/early 02 I think... same time as the suede ones I think

    eta: hmm.. what styles... classique for sure, and the flat hobo maybe? or some other larger shape than the classique, I know, just dont recall which shape. I think it was the flat hobo though. maybe some of the experts can help us out on this? :graucho: all calling balenciagians of limitless knowledge!
  3. There was once a flat hobo on went for very cheap
  4. oh, I'd have loved a hobo in the pebbled.....