Pebbled leather question


Nov 1, 2005
Hi everyone!

Two weeks ago, I went to NYC to visit my friend and I fell in love with the YSL Easy in pebbled leather (I think it was a pebbly leather) at Bergdorf Goodman. It's the first time in a while that my heart has skipped a beat over a handbag. I know that there were previous discussions about the quality of YSL pebbled leather, especially with the Besace. Are people still experiencing issues with their pebbled leather YSL bags?

Thank you!


May 14, 2008
I'm quite new to YSL and have two pebbled leather bags in the Easy and Besace which I have only had recently so can't give definitive answer. I had heard about the issues, but love the pebbled leather so much that I had to give in. My Easy was brand new while my Besace was bought from AFF, but apparently had never been used. I discovered that the Easy's leather seems to be sturdier and the Besace's pebbled leather is definitely a lot softer and I may need to keep an eye on the strap. Cosmopolitan had posted previously that her pebbled leather peeled on the strap so I applied some Fiebling's Edgekote on mine as a precaution. But I think I'll need a bit more time to see I'm going to have problems with them.