Pebbled Kooba Paige and Sienna on sale at Bloomies starting from Feb 8

  1. All currently reduced bags (now 30% off) are going to be 30% off more starting from February 8th.

    I saw few black pebbled Paige, pebbled brown Sienna and other pebbled Kooba currently on sale. Also, they give 15% off on top if you have Bloomies card. There are few Coach and Cole Haan bags on sale, too (3 or 4 models).

    If I calculate correctly, the final price for Paige is going to be $645 - 30% off = $451.5 - 30% off = $316.05 -15% off = $268.65.

    Not bad, if you like pebbled leather (I'm not a big fan). Pre-sale is going on now.
  2. Shucks! I just checked and there are no Kooba bags for sale on their website...must only be in the stores. I'll keep checking, though. Thanks for posting.
  3. Thanks for posting!
  4. Did you see these at the White Flint Mall Bloomies?
  5. Nope, it was at Tysons.