Pebbled First/Classique 01 or 02?

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  1. wowww... gorgeous bag!
  2. a beauty! thanks for posting, chriseve!
  3. beautiful!! good luck bidders!
  4. WOW! so beautiful and in great condition !!
  5. WOW - this is only the 2nd 2001 classique i've ever seen on eBay!!!!
  6. Wow!

    I wonder if it will go for more than that grey first that went for
    $2,025.00????:confused1: ??????????????

    Good luck to everyone:nuts:
  7. I think it will go for well over 2000. It's a beauty!!:love:

  8. i am not sure this is 2001. it has a second season tag, i think early 2002. this is not a first season le dix. p.s i used to own this style bal bag back in 2002......
  9. ^^Oh, good to know Chaussurewhore.

    I thought she was advertising it as a le dix. I"m really interested to see how high this one goes.
  10. hi beaux, second season tags say bal on front and have a suede back, no double sided leather tags with numbers, that started third season.:smile: a real le dix pebble first was just purchased on eBay by a wonderful pfer a few weeks ago.....someone you know..............maybe she will tell you..........:love:
  11. ^^^I hope it's a certain someone that has waited a lllllooonnnggg time for one!

    Wow, I can't believe I missed a le dix auction. I like to keep up on them, (even though i'm not bidding)
  12. I'm guessing way well above, that bag is gorgeous.:drool:
  13. So far only $1,300.00!