Pebble Leather crossbody and Kimberly pebble crossbody?

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  1. Does anyone carry the pebble leather crossbody Dooney? If so how do you like it and how has it held up? It looks really cute as an everyday kinda bag. I am more of a casual and classy type bag girl-not so much trendy if that makes sense? So I like the simple style of it. And it seems like it holds a decent amount too. Also was looking at the pebble Kimberly bag too and trying to compare the two. Thanks!!
  2. IMG_1469451104.001828.jpg IMG_1469451113.570945.jpg
    These are the two I am considering.
  3. I have the crossbody in nylon because I liked the look and wanted it for a travel bag. I find it hard to get into because the zipper stops about a quarter into from the corner and the top is narrower than the bottom. Every time I stick my hand in it goes in one of the slip pockets because they stick out from the lining. Plus finding stuff is hard because it is like looking down into a narrow tube. It really wasn't the easy bag I could load up that I thought.

    I too am curious about the Kimberly. How easy is it to get stuff out of the front pockets? They seem sewed really tightly to the front of the bag. Would they hold a phone?
  4. Thanks!! I am gonna check them both out when I get to the mall this week. I have only really looked online. I do love Dooney Nylon now also. I don't like HUGE bags but a decent enough size for what I carry and where I can get in and out.
    Maybe someone else has a Kimberly on here and can give some insight
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    Johanna: I have the cross body in ostrich. For a cross body I find it very useful... it's not too heavy, it holds a lot, and I don't have trouble getting inside. I only use a cross body on occasion and most of them are too tiny.

    I don't own the Kimberly, but I checked the measurements listed and it's not quite as deep (3.5 vs. 4"). But what I like is that the Kimberly isn't as tall. I'm not a big fan of tall N/S handbags. You will have to decide when you see them in person. For me, a big factor in a cross body is how much it will hold..... the Kimberly may not hold as much as the pebble cross body.

    When you decide which style you want, don't forget to call one of the Dooney outlets to see what the price is and if they can ship the color you want. Also check out ILD.
  6. Thanks so much!
    I don't know why I was thinking the Kimberly would hold more. Lol.
    It's a cute bag online but I do like the shape of the regular more square crossbody better I think.

    How can I call a Dooney Outlet?
    I don't even think I have one anywhere near me at all ☹️
    Only Coach outlets. I WISH I had one near me!! I'd be in trouble. Lol!!!
  7. Omg!!!!! I think I am seeing a Dooney outlet at Tanger outlets in Atlantic City!? This is about an hour away but doable!!! I'm SO excited!!!
    I had no idea!!!
  8. Johanna: the Dooney outlets are listed on the Dooney site. Most of them will ship handbags, except clearance. It doesn't matter if they are cross country from you or in the same state. Not all handbags are shippable, the rules change every month, and even if a style is shippable, not all color are shippable. But any outlet can check to see if what you want can be shipped and tell you the price. If they have it in stock they will ship it. If not, you can check with other outlets. Dooney outlets charge $10 to ship a box (1 or more handbags), and tax depending upon the state they and you are in. Return policies are confusing and vary depending upon how the handbag is classified, so be sure to ask for details. Generally it's a store credit only, except clearance which is final sale.

    It's always better to see a bag in person and check it out to be sure it meets your standards. There are some very helpful sales associates in some of the outlets who will check over a handbag for you before they ship it. But you have to ask and tell them what you want them to look at (zippers, stitching, even coloration, even pebbling or smoothness, etc.). It's best not to call on a weekend, when the outlets are busy, or right before closing. And it also helps to have the Dooney style number to be sure you and the sales associate are talking about the same handbag. A lot of style names are very similar and not all sales associates are as good as some of them.

    Of course, if you can visit the outlet, it's all the more fun. And if there is something you want you can call ahead to see if they have it and even ask them to hold it for you for a day.
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  9. Awesome!!! Thank you SO much!!!
  10. I'm a new Dooney fan. My outlet is about 45 minutes away. Your post was very helpful. Thanks.... :smile:
  11. Kimberly is 40% off at Nordstrom now. Available online. Black is the only color.
  12. Thanks!
    I saw and am SO close to ordering that or another. I can't decide!! I am SO in love with my Nylon hobo right now though.
    But the prices right now.
  13. I suggest that you call an outlet to check prices before you buy anything online.
  14. Ok so after my outlet trip today I am convinced my crossbody is defective. I have a whole zipper situation going on that the ones in store did not have.

    I got to see a Kimberly in person and it was smaller than I expected, the front pockets are also very tightly tacked to the front of the bag and would not do what I would need.
  15. Oh wow!! Sorry about the crossbody☹️
    And Thanks for the info on the Kimberly!