Pebble Kristin Tote


Jun 8, 2015
Does anyone own this bag? Thinking of ordering. I love pebble leather. Thank you View attachment 3548229
I have it. It's large and I use it as a tote for work stuff. (For me personally, I can't use a bag this big for regular life.) I really like it for function since it holds a lot of my papers and files, my laptop, and my pencil / pen case; sometimes - depending on what I throw in it - I can even fit my regular bag inside it. The leather is super soft. I'm not a big pebble fan, but I like this bag for the style. If it isn't full, it will start to collapse and look a bit sad. It's "disappeared" twice at work when a co-worker decided she wanted to carry it for a day. I think she loves it more than me.
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Jan 3, 2013
I have the cotton version of this and yes I agree with Lucyrcat, it is big, and not for my everyday. I think I saw a model photo of someone wearing it over the shoulder which I thought was odd, I am sure this wouldn't be a shoulder bag. All that said, it is beautiful, and beautifully made, but I would definitely use it as more of an overnight or tote type bag rather than an every day handbag. The pebble leather in this looks lovely.
Aug 13, 2014
The handle and curved top of the handbag are designed for the bag to be carried in the hand. It's awkward to try to put it over the arm or on the shoulder.