Peau Magnifique?

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  1. Have you tried the Peau Magnifique from ReVive?
    The price comes at a whooping $1500 for 28-day use.

    Does it worthed?
    I'm planning to purchase this for my mother, who is currently 47?

    Would it have the same effect if she has been using anti aging products for a prolong period of time?

  2. I haven't done research on this product, but that's quite a pricetag. I'm 51 and have had great success with the Obagi Rx line. It's a multi step line that has a 12 week break in phase, and there are some nasty side effects kind of like a peel, but not as severe. I'm in maintenance now and get daily compliments on my skin. Some of the products you can get on line, others you need a Rx for. #3, 4 and 5 I find most affective. #5 you mix with tretonin at night. Before I spent $1500 I would do lots of research. I've used Rx products since my early 30's and the one thing that every dr I've been to from dermo to plastic surgeon has told me is that Tretonin is the most effective product to reverse sun damage and fight wrinkles. The Obagi #5 you mix with the Tretonin to boost it even more. I'd like to hear what other people say about the Peau, I know it's a good line and also what others have had success with.