Pearly people, help please :)

  1. Hey guys, my mom has a 2 strand aincent pearl necklace (i think its been in our family for about 4 generations, but its slightly older than that)
    And well, the pearls are, natural pearls (don't know what to call them, kind of a retard :p) But yeah, and one strands broken, and we can't find anyone to restring it in the UK, will get pics up, can anyone reccomend any jewellers :smile:?
    Vivek :smile:
  2. I'm uploading images through hosting sites, as tpf wont let me upload them


    thats the bangles, that needs a ruby inserting into the fastening


    thats the necklace, that needs restringing, isn't on a normal clasp, as its of indian/persian origin :smile:

    *click on the pictures for full size* :smile:
  3. Sorry, I don't know of anyone who can help, but the pearls are lovely. :smile:
  4. I know a few indie jewelers in the UK area. Where are you in UK? Restringing pearls isn't that difficult and it shouldn't be that hard to find some help.
  5. I live in Birmingham, But my parents live all over the place, they have a house in London and a flat in Edinburugh, so anywhere near those three locations would be great :smile:
  6. Btw, im not too happy on the pearls being sent off, as i've had them valued, and quite frankly, i can't get insurance for them, so if you know somewhere that does it onsite, would be appreciated :smile:
  7. why can´t you get them insured? if i may ask? i have all my jewelry insured without any problem!
    pearl restringing really is not such a task just bring them into a good local jeweler (that sells quality pearls) he should be able to do it.there are plenty in london :yes:
  8. It's the clasping, i've been to the biggest jeweler in Birmingham, and all around Jewlery quarter in Birmingham, with no luck, and I can't get them insured as a real value can't be determined, and i've been told that theyd fetch a fair amount in auction, compared to what they'd be valued at :S
  9. I don't know but it's sooooooooooo gorgeous!!
  10. The pearls are absolutely stunning. I love pearls....they just seem so classy. I would think that any jeweler with a decent reputation would be able to restring them for you.
  11. If you live in the Birmingham area,try going around the jewellry quarter,its huge and full of jewellers,so someone there should be able to help or point you in the right direction.As they are so old and quite a size for natural pearls I would be cautious of where you take them. A good well established independant jeweller probably has a reliable pearl threader that they outsource too.I would'nt bother with any high street jewellers,just for your own peice of mind.A quick peice of advice,photograph the clasps etc and count the number of pearls,a decent jeweller will make a note of all this before they send them away, but its good to do for your own peace!!
    PS, if they are as you say completely natural and not cultured, for Gods sake get them valued and insured!!!!!
  12. OH,WOT A NOBHEAD!!! jus read some of your other posts,DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OK,you've tried the jew/quart with no sucess,a very reputable jeweller I used to work for would definately be able to help you,he's a fully qualified registered valuer and been in the trade for years, but,he's in Knutsford from bieng in the trade and reading between the lines of your responses you've had to the pearls,I would definately get them looked at! The chap I am on about originally hails from your neck of the woods!! His shop is called Geralds of Knutsford on Princess Street,and for the life of me I can't remember the number!!!Give him a call as he does close some days,Weds I think,and Knutsford is very pretty has lots of cafes and wine bars,and is right next to Tatton Park so you could make a day of it with a girfreind. I am more than happy to recommend him as I've never met or worked for another jeweller with as much inegrity as him,and he has an amazingly keen memory and eye for antiques,I feel you'd be safest with him.xxxxxxxxx
  13. ps its extremley difficult to find anyone at all who has a pearl/bead threader on site,its very common practice to outsource them and they would go in fully insured recorded mail,thats why I feel Geralds may be a good option for you,he'll know what they are and insure them appropriately and also be able to value you them correctly taking into account age and provenance etc. If you feel he's too far away for you I'm not overly sure how to direct you from here,if you get really stuck post back and I'll contact Gerald and see if he can recommend someone closer to Birmingham for you, does that help???????? xx
  14. My husband has just shouted through Hamilton and Inches in Edinburgh,there is now one in London,they are an extremely reputable jewellers,maybe useful if your in Scotland? Just a thought, good luck xxxxxxxxxx
  15. I think that it would really be worth your while to have these items appraised.
    The rubies alone are extremely valuable. Good quality rubies are more expensive than diamonds and getting harder to find. You would want to make sure that you have documentation on them at least. You also want to verify that they are in fact rubies and not spinels.