Pearly lamb skin Lady Dior

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  1. Dear all, fickle minded me went into Dior again yesterday and the wonderful SAs showed me this gray LD in a pearly finish, with light gold hardware. It came with an adjustable strap that allows me to wear it crossbody as well.
    I tried to put my regular items inside, and although the closure was tight, the SAs assured me that it would get easier with practice.

    It was love at first sight.

    I was this close to purchasing it, but I wanted to know your expert opinions. Will the pearly finish show wear and tear faster than the regular lamb skin?

    The crossbody strap was functional but the regular shorter and thinner strap looked better and more chic. Your opinions pls?
  2. I think that the new crossbody strap is incredibly chic, and on-trend. It is nice that it is long enough to be cross-body, and adjustable, unlike the original which is not adjustable and can only be used for shoulder wear. In other words, the new strap gives you more ways to wear the Lady Dior, so I prefer it.

    The pearlized finish may eventually wear down in areas that are more prone to wear and tear, and it is not as easy to redye and refinish pearlized leather. However, all bags are subject to wear and tear so as long as you're careful, it shouldn't be that delicate.

    I say go for it! :biggrin:
  3. i recommend you talk to an sa and ask if they would redye and refinish it for you.
    and let me know too please.

    my best friend bought it for me a few months ago but because im in a house moving nightmare everything was put into storage at his house to keep safe and basically i have the same bag completely unpacked and unused and now im worried about wear and tear because average joe said is hard to refinish if there is wear and tear which makes me think maybe they wont refurb it after i use it to death.

    i know theres nothing they can do if those metallics wear out...and those metallics go to hell in a handcart FAST. now im worried gris opaline, which is that one, might be the same.

    that would totally suck. can you ask them? and if they say its hard to refurb i think im gonna think to resell my brand new one at original retail (they increased price after he bought) because i think price only justified if bought at retail.

    gris opaline medium right? i dont think its worth it if they wont refurb and if they say they dont refurb im definitely gonna think seriously about getting rid of mine otherwise i will be really upset when it wears out and becomes unusable.
  4. So the Colour is called Gris opaline? Is it a light gray Colour? I specifically asked if they had a special name for it, and he said no, just the classic grey

    I think I'll be going back next Tuesday to see if my heart still flutters on seeing it again. Will definitely enquire about redye and refinish options then, and report back.

    The pearlized finish seems different from the metallic finish, if you know what I mean. It doesn't seem to be only a coating on the surface, thus I was hoping it's not going to wear that fast..

  5. Dear averagejoe,

    Thank you for your enabling comments:smile: yes they did say it's a luxurious special occasion bag, so prob not for Everyday casual use. I just hope it would not end up as a white elephant in my collection, as I've learnt from experience that if I don't use my bags, they turn moldy..

    Just another scary thought: would the light gray yellow with age? I know patent does, but pearlized leather?
  6. yes dear...its called gris opaline...i will pm you a photo if i can from when i chose it because its not letting me upload here for some reason.
    yeah i know what you mean...metallic is FUGLY.
  7. #fail sorry i cant upload anything at all or send via pm
    but yes im definitely sure mine is same as the one you are thinking of. medium gris opaline.

    really appreciate you going to check and let me know...super useful...

    i just think for this price they SHOULD refurb it every couple years or at least be able to. because when you buy this expensive bag it ought to last for years. otherwise not worth it.

    thats the difference between getting something good quality and paying more because of quality guarantee and basically getting ripped off because the quality isnt there.

    actually reason i chose dior over chanel is because it was better quality/longer wearing.
  8. Dear floatythoughts, it's ok, thanks for trying.. I'm quite sure only Hermes spa does refurbishment... But of course the $$$$ for Hermes is notorious.

    The reason why I buy mostly LV is because at least they do reglazing..

    Dior promise that they will polish the leather and the hardware, which I thought is so nice. Quite reassuring in this sense. As for dyeing, I'm not so sure.

    Actually if they polish the pearlized leather, it would ruin the sheen right? I think we just have to be careful. Or get a regular leather. I love pearls though, which is why I'm hugely attracted to this beauty...
  9. Also, I think metallic is stunning, just that it's too difficult to maintain.. Haha I like bling...
  10. The light grey will not yellow with age unless you leave it in the sun (which will more likely lighten it), store it improperly (i.e. in a warm, humid environment), or get it really dirty. The reason why patent leather does is because the PVC layer on top of the leather can oxidize over time.

    The pearly finish can be buffed off if you try to buff out scratches. You should bring the bag back to Dior if you want it to be cleaned. Don't do it yourself.
  11. i disagree with that it would definitely be unrepairable if worn down. they might well have you know like shoe polish? where they paint over and it goes the same colour? because there are duochrome nail polishes available so its likely there is similar stuff in their workshop. that really my question.
  12. okay i read up on car repair and apparently with the pearlised leathers repair by professionals there they can get it to not perfect but almost perfect using an airbrush. basically there is the layer of leather that is covered with grey dye then a thin spray of pearlyness. so if dior use airbrush to replenish pearlyness and grey colour should be fine.

  13. Thanks, will surely take care of the bag if I do get one. However I'm not very good at maintaining a bag... Especially since I'm in Singapore where it's warm and Super humid most of the time.

  14. Well, not sure whether Dior repair can do that. Let's see what they say next Tuesday:smile:
  15. You should store your bag in a cool, dry closet. To keep the closet dry, place several packets of silica gel everywhere around the closet, and keep the doors of the closet closed so that sunlight can't get in to warm the closet.

    This will also prevent mold.