Pearly Beige vs. Beige Claire

  1. Does anyone have any modeling comparison shots of the the new pearly beige vs a beige claire jumbo? trying to decide which would be more versatile for me. thx!
  2. I don't have modeling shots, but here is a comparison of the pearly beige Jumbo to the beige claire WOC. HTH!
    Beige Compare.JPG Beige Jumbo.JPG Beige WOC.JPG
  3. If I had to describe the difference, I find the beige claire more yellow in tone and the pearly beige more champagne or gold in tone.
  4. Check out the main discussion page too. There are a few threads on this topic where you can get more information.
  5. Thanks so much to the both of you! I really want something neutral and sometimes i feel like the gold on the beige claire is super yellowy.. i like the hardware on the pearly beige but i feel like it might be too dressy for everyday wear..
  6. Here's a comparision in m/l size.
  7. Perfect thank you Pandada! I think Im going to go with the Beige Claire for more potential casual wear :smile:
  8. has anyone had problems with color transfer with the beige clair? Im in love with it so much but wear jeans just about everyday!
  9. The pearly beige looks like such a pretty color, almost golden.
  10. Thank you :flowers:
  11. Thank you and i'm glad I was able to help.
  12. i have the beige clair jumbo and there is slight colour transfer if you wear darker jeans a lot. my dark jeans rubbed on the purse a bit, but thankfully i carry around baby wipes and got the stain off quick :smile: