Pearls: studs, dangly, or both?

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  1. Hello everyone!

    My mom has bought me dangly pearl with diamonds ImageUploadedByPurseForum1395515550.054451.jpg for my upcoming 26th birthday.

    I also would like simple pearl studs in the future along with a necklace and/or bracelet.

    Do you ladies think it's redundant to have studs also? What combination of pearl jewelry is a must to have?

    Since I started working full time in a professional environment, I have been wearing a lot more jewelry to compliment my work attire.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated 😁
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    A classic pearl stud is a must have for me.
    A great pair ( at least 8 mm, white, high luster ) will look perfect in every situation- the boardroom to the ballroom to the beach.
    The size is important. Too small and they can took too delicate.
    Love pearls. :smile:
  3. Very pretty! I love pearls and have several earrings, two Pearl strands and some bracelets.
    For earrings I have studs and several dangles. Today I am wearing these...
  4. Simple stud earrings of any kind have always been a bit conservative for my taste personally. I prefer shorter-drop dangle earrings and smaller hoops, so I think the pair your mom got you are perfect! They are still classic enough for the office for sure. I hope you enjoy them and congrats. :smile:
  5. These are gorgeous!

  6. Sooo pretty! Very unique and beautiful!

    Thank you all for ur input ☺️ I agree with the size being at least 8mm. Perhaps I will ask the boyfriend to get me the studs!!
  7. I'm obsessed with pearls, so for me there's no wrong way to wear them.

    My preference is studs. I think the earrings yor mom got are gorgeous but I wouldn't wear those on a daily basis.
  8. I love pearls and wear mine often too. But I prefer dangles. I really like the earrings you received. They are nice and very versatile.
  9. They are beautiful. You will get a lot of use out of them for work. I bought my Gabriel Sanchez earrings at Barney's years ago and they are my most worn pair. Next are my Tiffany pearl studs. Don't limit yourself. Pearls are timeless. Stock up!
  10. I love studs!!! My next jewelry purchase will be the Mikimoto 8mm stud! I have never seen a luster more beautiful than on the Mikimoto! I cant wait to have them :smile:
  11. Both! stud for casual everyday, dangly for dressier occasions
  12. Love the pearl drops...would think these earrings would go with everything!

    Unique and gorgeous!
  13. You are in Hawaii? I would have a whole collection of pearls!

    My current pearl studs are freshwater pearls - round but an irregular shape. They are really versatile and a little casual, but dressy at the same time. Perfect for an island community, or just with jeans or a sun dress.

    I have both studs and dangle pearl earrings, but the casual pearl studs get the most wear, even more than my other metallic or faceted stone studs. (They were a gift and I don't think they were expensive at all since we had a spending limit.)

    The simple cultured round pearl studs I had before broke - the pearl was glued to the post and came loose and fell out. That is why I don't spend a lot for pearl studs. I guess it depends how they make them.

  14. Totally agree. I know I wouldn't wear the dangly pearls on a daily basis.

  15. Yes I live on Oahu 😊 there is a lot of unique jewelry here more than the pearls actually!

    I think all pearl studs are glued to the post... I guess it's just one of those things u have to get re done/glued. Pearls are sensitive and need great care..!