Pearls Size Recommendations Pls!!!

  1. Hi ladies!

    I did a search of the forum, but can't seem to find a thread with size recommendations, even though I'm sure I read one a few months ago. :shrugs: I'm a newbie to pearls, so I'm really hoping to rely on your expertise! ;)

    I'm wondering what size pearls and strand length you ladies would recommend for everyday wear vs. evenings out.

    I found a cultured pearl necklace on amazing sale, but am not sure about the size. The pearls are 6-6.5mm and the necklace is 24" long. This seems a bit on the long side, so I was thinking that I might get the necklace broken up and get a shorter necklace and a bracelet made out of it. Thoughts?

    I also found a freshwater pearl necklace also on amazing sale that has pearls that are 6-7mm and is 18" in length. This necklace is a bit shorter than the other, but I'm still not sure about the length...

    Please share your thoughts on these sizes and how suitable you think they would be for everyday or evenings out for a 26 year-old! :yes:

    TIA!!! :flowers:
  2. 18" long and 7mm is perfect for anything. Not too long, not too short, not too big or small- pretty much a staple piece for every use!
  3. Thanks Brodies!

    I'm just wondering though...does it vary at all from person to person, depending on physique? Meaning, if you have a thinner neck, would you want smaller pearls?
  4. my own pearls are approx. 6 mm (within a strand they will vary a little bit) and they are choker (sp?) length... I think it's great length, very versatile, I wore them with my wedding gown, I wear them with suits, and I wear them for nights out (not that there are many of those anymore, with a toddler in the house!)
  5. 7mm is the standard i think... i have all sizes from 5.5mm to 11-12mm...depends on your personal preference.
  6. Someone told me that 8mm and 18 inches were good for both day and eve??

    Also that anything over 9.5 mm and 18 in & under is evening only?


    I want to buy a new strand (I have some old ones from the 80s that are 16 in. and about 6mm) but I want to get the right ones. Even though, I have a skinny neck, my old pearls seem too small and the strand too short.

    What brands are good?
  7. :yes: That's very close to what I've heard.
  8. i started with 5.5 - 7mm pearl jewelry as a child from my parents: stud earrings, 18" necklace, single strand bracelet and a single pearl ring. just the basics. over the years i have bought different sizes and styles. i prefer 8mm -10mm as i am 5'10" and can carry larger pearls. it's whatever looks best on you.
  9. 6-7mm, 18" is perfect! That is a classic strand that every woman should own! :yes:
  10. I have 18" 7mm and my mother gave me this little pearl clip that you can fasten to the strand in back to shorten it. I don't know where you get them but they would work on any strand if you want to shorten it. Longer strands are great because you can wear them over chunky sweaters. Also you can knot them on the bottom.
  11. Depending on your own size, proportions and tastes, I would go with something in the 6 to 8 mm, 16-18 length range. For most people, 16 inches will be more of a choker, and 18 will require a V or scoop neckline. So celebrate faux, and get several sizes and lengths. Discover! Explore!

    3-4 mm freshwater pearls (or faux) is also a very pretty look for any age, and the small size gives you some layering options for festive occasions, too!
  12. I like the 7mm which I think is big enough but not draggingly big.
    And the length is probably between 16-18
  13. i have seen the pearl necklace shortners/clips at shopnbc and qvc i think...
  14. Thanks ladies for all the suggestions!! MUCH appreciated!! :flowers:

    It sounds like you all agree that 24" is too long, so I'm going to get the necklace restranded into a 16" necklace and use the rest of the pearls for a bracelet/earrings. Thanks for all your help!! :yes:

    I've also never heard of these shorteners...I'll have to look into that, since I think the 18" might be a bit long for me too... :shrugs: Thanks for the tip! :nuts: :yes:
  15. Ahhh...pearls. I just bought two gorgeous strands of such lusterous near round freshwater pearls...just drool worthy. :smile: 8.5 - 9 mm I figure it's time I had a pearl necklace. lol

    Prada Psycho if you read this...these are like the pearls I used in your necklace. :smile:

    I think any pearls can be worn at any time. I have a friend who is uber-stylish and she's worn 12-14 mm baroque pearls to work. She can pull off anything.