Pearls or Diamonds?

  1. Which would you choose if you had the option to buy either at the same price range ( be it a pair of earrings, pendant or ring of any size or shape)?
  2. diamonds. pearls are beautiful and have their place but are also very delicate. you need to take lots of precautions when you wear them (put them on last, no touching up perfume/hairspray, make sure you don't knock them on anything, etc)

    diamonds you can wear day in and day out without ever thinking about them.....except how sparkley/beautiful they are, of course. :smile:
  3. ITA! I wish pearls werent so darn delicate.
  4. Diamonds. They're more precious. But I do love pearls too!
  5. i read once..

    diamonds are a girls best friend, but a pearl is her soulmate

    depends really IMO. for an e-ring i like diamond, earrings i like both but bracelet i like pearl only. i wear mine quite often and taken decent care of it and im clumsy and i tend to run into the walls and stuff sometimes lol no break as of yet lol :x lifetime warranty anyways lol. ppl don't really appreciate pearls as much, bc i barely get comments on my pearls, yet they cost more than a tennis bracelet would. but they're for me to like not anyone else :smile:
  6. Tell me about it. The pearl earrings that I got were ridiculously expensive and they sliced my earlobes badly because of their size. Sigh. They were lovely but I could have gotten a pair of earrings with diamonds for almost the same price. I dont believe how expensive pearls are now. Im so fickle with jewelry and upgrade every so often. I find it easier to trade in/sell ( normally to friends or acquaintances ) my diamond jewelry than pearls. Even if they are the superb quality south sea pearls, people just dont want to spend so much on them as opposed to diamonds. Sad because I want more pearls but scared that if I want to buy something else, I would have a hard time selling them at reasonable prices.
  7. I'd go with a diamond!! Pearls just aren't for me.
  8. gee.. hard question but pearls definitely do have their place when it comes to bold pieces but i'd pick a single pearl necklace than a single round diamond necklace if i had the choice. Its simplistic and works nicely with anything
  9. Tough choice...I've always loved diamonds but I'm in a total pearl obsession right now (as you can see in my other thread lol). Let's say I have to choose between a diamond necklace or a pearl necklace though (at the same price) I would go for the pearls because a whole strand of diamonds may be too much "bling" but pearls are great for any occasion!! I'm still young though so I'm not keen on wearing something that is too "bling" (in the good way) yet.
  10. Why can't I have both!!! LOL

    If I absolutely had to choose I would also probably pick a diamond. I think you can wear diamonds more often than pearls. But I love them both!
  11. I love that quote and ITA! :yes:

    For an engagement ring I'd choose diamond, but I love pearls more. It amazes me that they grow inside an oyster and I love looking at the luster on them. I especially love different colored pearls.... they're just so unique.
  12. I like diamonds for earrings and rings, but I prefer pearls for necklaces, I often wear a long strand the I can loop 2 times giving me 3 lengths of pears. Not much is classier than pearls imo.
  13. Yep,I have to say you can't beat diamonds for thier ultimate hardwearing properties,I wear an old cut diamond of 1.74 cts,and I am not a paticulalry clumsy person,but it has had had a few worrying belts in the past! Off things like car doors,getting stuff out of the washer,messing about in the park with Sophie brings its quota of thumps!

    But I have to say I've owned it for six years now,not counting how many years it was owned by the previous lady and its condition is still fabulous! The ultimate road test I think,when its passed onto Sophie its life as a worn gem will continue!!!!

    And as you can see its quite a high setting as the stone is so deep,and if you look closely at the shank of the ring and my wedding band they actually look battered,and they are platinum! But the diamond remains unmarked!!
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  14. chaz, I :heart: your words of wisdom!!!
  15. Just hope it helps you to make informed choices,I always say an item of jewellry or a watch is worth nothing if you feel to afraid to wear it,you may as well have spent the money on something else.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx