Pearls From Tiffany's????

  1. Would you or have you ever bought pearl earrings and or necklaces from Tiffany's or would you suggest a different brand??? TIA
  2. I don´t buy pearl from Tiffany´s. But there are very lovely
  3. I don't have any pearls (yet), I definately would buy them from Tiffany's. I've always thought everything they sold was of excellent quality.
  4. I personally think they are too overpirced for quality I could get, and have gotten, elsewhere. I do not own a pair but I used to do my ex-boss'es shopping for his wife and he asked me to get her a pair of their pearl earrings. They're nice, don't get me wrong, but, any jewlery store had the same thing for a lot less, sometimes even a better pearl for a lot less then the 250 he spent on a pair of earrings.
  5. I don't have any pearls, but I've heard on this forum that there are better places than Tiff's to get them. you could do a search on mikimoto pearls to name one. If I were to get pearls, I would go with a company who specializes in them. I think you'll get some beautiful pearls from Tiff's, but you could get a better price and bigger selection somewhere else.
  6. I got a Tiffany's pearl bracelet as a gift from my boy for our one year, and I love love love it.

    However, I think you could definitely score something as nice or nicer for less somewhere else. Personally though I'd never owned any Tiffany pieces or pearls, and I found one that I felt was very "me", so the bracelet was a good match :smile:
  7. Thanx ladies I went on and found some resellers here in charlotte.
  8. My DH bought me the:wlae: earrrings and it's just lovely!!!!!!!!
  9. I think Mikimoto is the best for pearls. Or I would go to a jeweler whom specialises in pearls if you don't want a certain design. It's the same with diamonds, you can go to Tiff and pay x3 or find a good jeweler with the same diamonds at a cheaper price if you don't want a specific design.
  10. I love Mikimoto's pearls.

    Tiffanys are beautiful too...can't go wrong either way IMHO :smile:
  11. Mikimoto gets a :tup: from me. I have a few stands of my own, but I'm totally waiting for my mother's gun metal strand :nuts:
  12. i'll agree with everyone's suggestion of mikimoto - if you're looking to drop some cash on some serious pearls, they're the place to look.