Pearling article - Page 22 of Fall Le Monde

  1. Has anyone actually read this article or are most of us just going for the gorgeous gorgeous pictures in it? :graucho:

    The article talked about "pearling" and how a nail is given 2 heads to nail down the hardware. And it says it's no easy feat because a scratch on the plaque for instance, and it has to be thrown away.

    There are 3 parts of the hardware that were named
    - side strap plaques
    - swivel clasps
    - brackets

    ^^ what are the common names that we have been using that corresponds with the above? Swivel clasps must be "turnkey" and brackets must be "strap guides". What is side strap plaques?
  2. ^^^^^^The plates on the straps?????
  3. side strap plaques would be on the tips of each strap and the brackets would be the guides that the straps go through on a birkin. that's my guess.

    oh, HG, i think that's what you said too. okay, that's a majority. lol
  4. ^ Mine, too. The part that's etched with Hermes, Paris. I've always wondered about those little nails. I'm always inspecting my Birkin and admiring the tiny details.
  5. I was wondering what that article was about! I only have a copy of the Italian version of Le Monde (don't speak Italian) and haven't had a chance to get an English version. :sad:
  6. Here you go, Beaumonde, I hope you can read it:
  7. Thanks! Such a charming article. :girlsigh: