pearle or pomme?


color to get a mini agenda in?

  1. Pomme! candy apple red!

  2. Pearle! Classic and will go with everything!

  3. Ugh..neither, go for epi or something..

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  1. hey everyone! I'm trying to decide what color I should get a mini agenda in and possibly a cles. What do you suggest? TIA! One of the main bags I'll be carry is a dark navy blue (ink day). I'm still looking around for a smaller bag, and my accessories are mainly brown/whiskey, or bright colors in general.
  2. Pomme. No doubt!!!!!!!


    sweat it..................
  3. looks good with:
    as a wristlet
    hanging off a bag
    attached to your jean's belt loops
    chillin' in your speedy waiting for you to pick it up.....
  4. Pomme! It's such a beautiful, sophistocated shade.....
  5. Pearle is a gorgeous color, too, but I worry about color transfer especially if its a mini agenda. So I voted for Pomme! Love that candy red color!!!
  6. Pomme! It is so beautiful IRL!! Shimmery and sparkly, and just illuminated from within!! (Okay, that was a little overboard!) LOL!
  7. pomme all the wayyyyy!
  8. perle, i think pomme is too seasonal. stick with the classic!
  9. Pomme
  10. Pomme d' have to worry less about colour transfer and yellowing vernis! :biggrin:
  11. Pomme for sure, especially since you'll be keeping it in your bag all day with other pieces!
  12. Perle
  13. :yes: Pomme for sure. :yes:
  14. I like the Pomme better. :yes:
  15. I think if you're careful, pearl is my first is very classic!

    Pomme is nice if you want something different.