pearldk's collection

  1. Hello you guys.
    Hope you're all having a lovely day! :yes:
    Cuz I am! I've just taken some pics of my collection of designer stuff :yahoo:

    I have:

    Black Saddle Bag
    Pink Heart Core Sunnies

    White Purse


    Louis Vuitton:
    Black Multicolor Coin Purse
    Black Multicolor Bolougne
    Black Multicolor S Lock Bracelet
    White Multicolor Key and Change Holder
    Monogram Tikal PM
    White Multicolor Bookmark.
    diorsaddlefront.jpg diorbracelet.jpg diorsunnies.jpg bbag2.jpg chanel.jpg
  2. oh! dior!
    oh louis! oh oh oh!
  3. LOve your saddle! congratulations
  4. Here's the rest of my collection :yes:
    mcbbracelet.jpg mcbbolougne.jpg mcbrome.jpg mcwbook.jpg mcwcles.jpg
  5. And the last - but not least.
    And I will just throw in my new Barbara Bui Trenchcoat.
    I looooove it!!!!!:yahoo:
    tikal.jpg lvcollection.jpg entirecollection2.jpg barbarabui.jpg
  6. Ooh! Pretty collection! All your bags are fab!
  7. beautiful collection!! your balenciaga looks gorgeous.
  8. Love the Balenciaga and Multicolore :love:
    Thanks for sharing!
  9. Love Your Balenciaga It's Tdf
  10. beautiful collection!!
  11. Love the MC Boulogne and S-Lock bracelet the most!
  12. Very nice collection :yes:
  13. Wonderful collection
  14. great collection :flowers:
  15. lovely!