Pearl Vernis Owners

  1. Does the Pearl still discolour/yellow or have they fixed that problem?

    If it does how long does it take to happen roughly

  2. Glad that you asked this....I want to know too. Just got the Perle Brentwood and started to take it out tonight but then had second thoughts....I am also interested in what other Perle owners have to say............
  3. I have perle vernis items and i have not experienced any discoloration, then again i always store my bags and things when not in use , and rotate a lot. I love the perle it is gorgeous!I think if you dont live in a humid climate your ok.
  4. ^ how long have you had it and do you use it much?
  5. I have a Pearl Lexington, last summer I used it almost everyday (out in the sun even) so I didn't bother to store it in it's dustbag when I didn't use it. At the time I didn't even know about the discoloration (it was my first lv). Today it isn't as snow-white as it used to be when I just got it but I still think it looks great. It's kind of light creme-white. I'm not at home at the moment but if you want to, I can try to take a picture of it tomorrow.
  6. I do not use my perle items that much, if it is summer time i will use it maybe once or twice a month, then back in the bag it goes. What bag are you thinking of getting?
  7. I like the minna street but it doesn't come in many colours
  8. ^^ the only issue I would see would be if you used the minna street with denim as it would rub and transfer onto the bag. My SA said the major issues she has seen with the pearl (since the release) is colour transfer.
  9. I have a perle valentine's heart and it still lokks nice. It's mostly been resting in the dustbag (excuse th spelling Im very drunk):s:shame:
  10. I've had my perle roxbury for about 3 years now and it' hasn't discolored. I don't leave it out in the sun mind you but I do use it often.