Pearl Studs - What size do you recommend?

  1. Hello everyone! I'm planning to purchase a new pair of pearl studs. I already own 6 mm pearls, so I was thinking about 8 mm. The only problem is, I have two holes in each ear, and while I only wear small diamond studs in the back hole, I'm afraid an 8 mm pearl would sort of "overpower" another earring. I was wondering what size pearls everyone recommends for a 19-year-old? TIA!
  2. 8mm is a good size if you wear them alone, but I honestly think it might be too big to wear with another pair of earrings. Also, you want to make sure the diamonds don't touch the pearls, because they can get scratched!

    I actually think 6-7mm is the perfect size if you're going to wear them with other earrings :shrugs:
  3. 8mm is only good alone. I have a set and they look great by themselves. I don't put anything in my second holes when I wear them. They look stunning because of the size!
  4. I agree--I also have 2 holes in each ear and I wear my 8 mm pearls alone. At first I thought it would look odd to have an unfilled ear hole, but somehow the hole is less noticeable with larger earrings. It also gives the pearls a chance to shine on their own--the diamonds may detract just a bit.:smile:
  5. Agree with all the posts above.
  6. Me too.:tup:
  7. Thanks everyone! I think I may have to get both 7 mm AND 8 mm now... :p
  8. i agree 8mm by itself!!
  9. i wear 6 1/2 - 7mm with diamond studs as well. and i also agree, 8mm would be better alone, but it also depends on how big ur earlobes are i suppose :confused1: maybe you should just get both :graucho:
  10. I have tiny tiny ears so I don't think I could pull off 8mm without looking like a fool. I get jealous of you ladies who can though!!
  11. me too I have a small ear... try to find other size that is really fit to your ears..
  12. Im fairly petite and spent quite some time going back and forth between 7mm and 8mm. Once on your ears 1mm makes a big difference. On me, 7mm is a great everyday size I would say it looks big enough to be noticable but is not flashy at all, it is more on the standard size as I would not hesitate to wear them everyday. 8mm on the other hand look noticably big on me. They are more on the flashy side for someone who is pretty conservative when it comes to jewelry and for some it might be too big for everyday though it could possibly be worn everyday as its not obscenely big. Nevertheless they look they look dressier than the 7mm and look very chic when my hair is pulled back. Hope this helps in your decision making.
  13. Where can i get pearl studs size 6mm-7mm and what are the price ranges if anyone know? Thanks.
  14. I think pearl studs' size depends on your age too. When I was young, I wore very very tiny pearl studs. When I was in collage, I wore sth bigger (Japanese pearls.) Now I'm 26 and my mom upgraded my pearl studs to 9 mm south sea pearls and they're just perfect. I think when I turn 30, I might consider upgrading again.
  15. My mum has just brought me my first pair of pearl earings for my 20th Bday! =)
    They are 8mm black tahitian pearls, I LOVE THEM!!!
    They have a green undertone compared to my ring which has purple!

    I just adore pearls now!!
    I think 8mm are perfect on there own, i dont wear anything else with mine, imo the pearls overshine everything anyway!!
    Just get bigger pearls and wear them on there own xx