Pearl studs from Tiffany?

  1. Heeelllo gorgeous guys and gals,

    I am heading to New York for the first time ever in December, and am planning to buy Christmas pressies whilst there. I know my mum would love to receive a little blue box, and seeing as how she has recently got her ears pierced (at the tender age of 55!), I was thinking of getting her some pearl studs (she’s a pearl woman through and through), as she has only ever owned clip-on pearls in the past.

    I was thinking of spending up to $400, but I’ve had a look at the Tiffany website and I can only see one pair of pearls and they’re not really what I was thinking of. Would you know if they have a massive range in store, and if I’ll be able to get a nice, decent sized pair of pearl studs for this sort of price?

    TIA ...:cutesy:
  2. Pearl studs from Tiffanys should be in that range, you can e-mail or call them for the prices. I have a pair of Tiffany's studs and I love them. You're a sweet daughter!
  3. Why don't you call and speak with an SA.

    Tell him/her when you are arriving and what you are looking for. They can always brings in additional items from other stores in your price range etc. That way, you are guaranteed to see a larger amount of merchandise and come home with that pretty box for mom.
  4. I have the smallest size of pearl studs from Tiffany and I just LOVE them. Just one size up was too big for me... I have pretty small earlobes and prefer discreet earrings. They definitely are NOT tiny, however, even if they are the smallest size Tiffany carries. With tax, they came in just under $300 if memory serves me right. I'm sure for around $400 you can get a decent size appropriate for a woman your mom's age (larger pearls look great on older women, IMHO, whereas they can look wrong on someone my age).
  5. Thanks for all the great feedback everyone! I love the idea of calling in items from another sounds so "Pretty Woman" like or something :p

    I'm so glad to hear I should be able to find what I'm looking for, and that other girls own and love them!
  6. You're a lovely, thoughtful daughter. She'll be thrilled!
  7. Aww, thanks, but it seems such a little thing. If I could afford it I'd be buying the whole of Tiffany for her :p She completely deserves it!
  8. What a great idea! Mum's love little blue boxes as much as their daughters:yes:

    I bought my mother the red lacquer Elsa Peretti bangle for her birthday this year - she loved it and it was so cute watching her get all excited over the box all wrapped up!:shame:

    I agree Tiffany's website can be a bit confusing, as the range in store is always bigger. They will have various sized pearl studs available, and I'm sure will have something for your budget - happy hunting!