Pearl stud earrings - what size pearls?

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  1. I'm interested in purchasing a pair of pearl stud earrings for daily wear. What size pearls are best?

    TIA :smile:
  2. Are they for yourself? Have you tried on different mm sizes in a jewelry store?

    Are you looking at a specific kind of pearl? Large Akoya or South Sea pearls will be much pricier than larger freshwater pearls.
  3. Are you on the telephone or mobile a lot during the day? This makes a bit of a difference when thinking about size as well. I can tell you that I love 10mm, but what an issue with the phone! The 8mm works better in this case.
  4. That's a good point. Larger ones are nice for evening, but they're a pain if you're on the phone a lot during the day.

    7-8 mm are fairly classic...
  5. Thanks guys! They are for myself, but I've never tried any on in person. I'm not sure what kind of pearls yet. I don't use the phone that frequently during the day but I do want to be able to talk comfortably when needed without having to worry about my earrings. I'm thinking 7 - 8mm might be good for everyday for me?
  6. I agree that 7-9mm are a good size for daily wear!
  7. i think 7-8 for everyday.
    i love large pearl earrings, and i have 12-13 and i love them, but they are not phone-friendly at all. and a bit front heavy.
  8. I you buying freshwater or cultured? If you buy freshwater, then you can have a variety of sizes; the one disadvantage to freshwater is that the pearls, to me, are not as lusterous. I love freshwater however.

    11 mm pearl studs-

    11-12 mm-

    8-8.5 mm-

    8-8.5 mm pink-

    If you are buying akoya cultured, I would reccommend an 8-9mm for everyday wear.

    8.5-9 mm akoya pearl-
  9. 7mm are the daily average
    I wear 10mm-13mm
    try the different sizes
  10. I think 8mm is a classic size, & it was the size for my first pair of pearl studs.
  11. My studs are 7-7.5 and my 16" strand is 6-6.5, I feel like these are plenty big on me but it also depends on your earlobes, general size, and bone structure. I'm very small boned and so these sizes show up much bigger on me than they do on someone with larger bone structure....
  12. Personally I find 9mm large enough and yet quite comfortable. I also have 14mm SS and tahitians but they're pretty uncomfortable when I'm on the phone.

    Check out Pearl Paradise. Jeremy and his team are absolutely delightful to work with and will give you great advice.
  13. Thank you so much for the responses and advice everyone!
  14. 7-8MM are classic but I feel like if you can afford a larger pair (sizes greater than 8MM starts to jump in price substantially) it gives it a modern twist.
  15. I wear 6.5-7 mm akoya, my mother's gift, I prefer the small size tbh on my ears because anything larger makes me self conscious as I have small ears.

    I second pearl paradise, I had good experience shopping there.