Pearl Strand...worth it?

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  1. I'm in my mid 20s but I could (and have) pass for a teenager. This makes me self conscious of wearing pearls.

    No one I know wears pearls. Many of my family members only wear yellow gold. I want to be able to pull it off but am self conscious.

    Is it still true that only older women can wear pearls or is it something that anyone can wear now?

    I am looking at strands between 6-7mm or 7-8.
  2. I love pearls and I think they can look quite youthful depending on the diameter of the pearl and the length of the strand. Anything 6.5 and smaller is young looking in my opinion and anything 7-7.5 is classic for both the young and mature set. I think a short strand of around 16" 7-7.5 looks very preppy and classic with a sweater or peeking out of a button down shirt.

    I have numerous strands of different lengths and diameters and have been wearing pearls since h.s. although back then I wore a faux short strand and wished they were real. Since then I inherited a graduated akoya choker with a removable pave pearl drop (I wear on dressy occasions) and my mother gave me her akoya 7.5 16" strand that I wear more casually since it's a classic length.

    I also have a long 6.5 akoya strand that can be doubled or knotted that I got for a steal on ebay, only $100 several years ago. That I also wear only for dressier times bec. it's long. Another one I got myself again on ebay is a fresh water 9mm size strand that is opera length and that is the only one that I feel is a more mature length and not very youthful both for the size of the pearls and the length (falls at bust line).

    I would recommend a short strand somewhere in the 16" range, not bigger than 7.5 for a classic look that always looks fresh. I think it should fall somewhere around the collar or just below.
  3. Pretty sure pearls are universal and ageless ;)
  4. I think pearls are great for any age, and the size you're looking at is perfect for a younger woman. I've seen pearls of all sizes on women of all ages in NYC. Don't be self conscious; the ability to "pull anything off" is to wear it with confidence!!

    Plus I notice your avatar is Audrey I think the classic pearls def go with this classic beauty's style!!
  5. I love pearls but I typically avoid the normal strands in typical colors and finishes and tend to go for baroque strands of south seas or Tahitian pearls. I like my pearls with some attitude, lol.
  6. I think pearls are beautiful at any age! You can pull it off:smile:
  7. I typically prefer pearls on younger women.
    I think some classic styles can look a little too matronly on someone a bit older.
    Young women can wear any style retro or modern and make it fresh. It can be tougher for someone older - IMO.
  8. My mother bought me a strand of mikimoto pearls with matching earrings when I turned 18 and said every woman should own a good pearl set... I adore mine and wear them often. I'm 28. To me their timeless and ageless!
  9. Pearls are ageless and timeless...I got my first necklace at 13 and earrings at 16. Now I even wear my grandmother's pearls...they are antique and sentimental. I can't imagine not having pearls in my life. I wear my pearl drop earrings almost everyday. Don't limit yourself. Just take care of them. Don't get fragrance or moisturizer on them. Also get them restrung as needed. Enjoy!!
  10. this is what i think too.
  11. Great! Thank you :smile: